Minister of Border and Tribal Affairs Asadullah Khalid of Afghanistan

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After a re-shuffle in 2005, by President Hamid Karzai, Khalid was shifted from Ghazni province to become the new governor of Kandahar province.
Asadullah Khalid was saddened by the deaths of innocent civilians.
After a re-shuffle in 2005, by President Hamid Karzai, Khalid was shifted from Ghazni province to become the new.
Asadullah Khalid is a former Kabul University drop-out, he left his political science course to fight the Taliban.
Ashogoh, Afghanistan - Airstrikes by NATO helicopters.
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My understanding is Mr Khalid is an ardent supporter of ISAF, and having one "almost quopte" here gives the impression he is against "the occupation.
Asadullah Khalid is the current Governor of Kandahar Province in Afghanistan.
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan, Feb 19 (UPI) -- The governor of Kandahar blamed Canadian soldiers for a deadly suicide bombing in Afghanistan, saying they ignored his warning of a bomber.
Asadullah Khalid has been replaced as Kandahar governor.
Asadullah Khalid has been replaced by Rahmatullah Raufi, who has served for three years as the chief of the Afghan National Army forces for five southern provinces, including Kandahar.
Khalid had been considered a strong leader, but in his three years as governor he faced criticism that he wasn't effective enough against Taliban insurgents.
He was also among Afghan officials alleged to have participated in torture of detainees, but Khalid denied the reports.
One Afghan parliamentarian said Khalid had been on his way out until Bernier made his comments.
Asadullah Khalid said he tried to warn the police commander away from Sunday's event, much like he warned Canadians away from Spin Boldak on Monday.
Secondly, while I have no doubt Khalid has intelligence units, there is surely a reason Canadian field intelligence isn't using his information.
Either they believe Khalid is providing inaccurate information or they don't trust him.
That Khalid is suggesting that Canadian troops should stay away when it is their job to patrol that area of the Afghan-Pak border is highly suspicious.
Governor of Ghazni Province, Asadullah Khalid was in the Hayward and Bay Area on June 2 & 3rd.
Khalid has ever been investigated, as is required under the new detainee-transfer agreement.
Khalid remains a key player in Kandahar and senior Canadian commanders and diplomats deal with him weekly.
Khalid had been governor of Ghazni.
Khalid says he fought the Taliban alongside the famous Northern Alliance warlord Ahmad Shah Massoud, killed by al-Qaeda suicide bombers two days before Sept.
A: The Prime Minister and ministers Bernier and MacKay are briefed regularly on various aspects of Canada's mission to Afghanistan.
Asadullah Khalid has been replaced by former Gen.
Khalid was also accused of taking part in the abuse of prisoners, although he vehemently denied the allegation.
It was subsequently reported that Khalid was packing his bags and on the verge of leaving the post, but Bernier's gaffe had delayed his departure - until now.
Khalid said he attended a conference with four governors about a year and a half ago, but said its rare for governors to get together.
Asadullah Khalid has lost a lot of support in Kandahar since he first got the job three years ago.
Amir Attaran, the Canada research chair in law, population health and global development policy at the University of Ottawa, said he would be delighted if Khalid is ousted from office.
Khalid was not available to comment on Bernier's remarks Monday.
Khalid has vehemently denied allegations that he personally tortured detainees.
Some locals said Khalid has lost touch with the people of Kandahar.
Besides his close ties to Karzai, Khalid is seen as a key ally of the American forces in Kandahar, helping push forward their strategy of poppy eradication.
Asadullah Khalid is an active person but he is not being supported by civilians," the elder said.
working of the Asian Rural Life Development Foundation.
The outgoing governor Asadullah Khalid had been replaced by Gen.
Accused of being corrupt and of taking part in the abuse of prisoners, which he vehemently denied, Khalid was slated for dismissal months ago.
Director General of the cabinet council secretariat and administrative affairs Najibullah Sadiq Muddabir told Pajhwok Afghan News that Asadullah Khalid was appointed Minister of Borders and Tribal affairs while Abdul Karim Barahwy was appointed Minister of Refugees and Repatriation in accordance to a decree of President Hamid Karzai.
Barahwy was previously Minister of Borders and Tribal affairs while Assadullah Khalid had been appointed Minister of Parliamentary affairs before this new reshuffle in Karzais cabinet.
President Karzai brought changes to the cabinet one and a half months ago when Mohammad Hanif Atmar was appointed Minister of Interior, Ghulam Farooq Wardak became Minister of Education, Zarar Ahmad Muqbal was made Minister of Refugees and Repatriation and Assadullah Khalid was appointed as Minister of Parliamentary affairs, but Zarar Ahmad Muqbal and Assadullah Khalid then rejected their appointments.
Khalid is a native Pashtun and an imposing figure in Afghan politics who has said he fought the Taliban as a member of the Northern Alliance before embarking on his political career.
In his earliest dealings with Canadian government and military officials, Khalid was seen as a bright light, an eloquent and enlightened leader who moved easily in diplomatic circles.
In recent years, however, Khalid has fallen out of favour amid allegations that he was personally involved in the torture of Afghan prisoners - allegations the governor has vehemently denied.
Still, the military has kept up appearances - Khalid was the centre of attention last week alongside Brig.
Nasim, who like many Afghans goes by only one name, said he's not convinced Khalid has had a positive impact on Kandahar province.
Khalid was personally involved in the torture of detainees.
Khalid had anticipated moving to another job shortly after Mr.
Khalid was unavailable for comment last night, but friends said he still had hope that Mr.
Khalid turns around in the verandah, looks at his men and gives a slight nod.
Khalid is talking of a recent trip to the United States.
But Khalid is quick at being politically correct.
Just today, Khalid has visited an old gurdwara and met Ghazni?s few remaining Sikh families in the company of a deputy who is from another end of the political spectrum.
Khalid had disagreements with NATO-led Canadian.
OTTAWA and WASHINGTON Mirroring politicians in Canada, the governor of Kandahar province insisted Saturday that the treatment of detainees in Afghanistan is the responsibility of the military.
Khalid said he has only visited prisons in Kandahar once and in the company of parliamentarians to observe rebuilding efforts.
Khalid was not handed over by Canadians and that it's an issue for Kabul to deal with.
Khalid said people in prison will say anything to be freed.
Khalid said he wasn't aware that had happened.