Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Ehsan Zia of Afghanistan

Zia said security, development, and governance are the three major challenges facing Afghanistan, and that they must be addressed to rebuild the state, economy, infrastructure, and society.
Zia discussed the vision of the National Solidarity Program (NSP), where the first step was to create national development programs to provide a platform for donor contribution and donor coordination.
Zia said the NSP has developed national programs for many areas of the community, including health, education, water supply and sanitation, and are even starting green programs.
Zia said that the perception in Afghanistan is that all types of development lead to security, but he has found that only government lead and people-owned programs have an impact on security and stability.
For the future of the NSP, Zia said he hopes to see a continuation of development and strengthening of governance.
Mohammad Ehsan Zia is the minister of rural rehabilitation and development for the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
But Mohammad Ehsan Zia says more time is needed to get the country back on its feet after decades of poverty and war.
Zia says reconstruction is winning against security threats in Kandahar province, but cautions that people cant expect miracles overnight.
At numerous public events and meetings, Minister Zia discussed rural development and enterprise and the National Solidarity Program (NSP)a program that is bringing sustainable economic development to rural areas through community empowerment, mobilization and local governance while significantly reducing cost, waste and corruption.
Minister Zia discussed the connection between security and development with Assistant Secretary of Defense for Central Asia Mitchell Shivers and Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs Richard Boucher.
Mohammed Ehsan Zia was born in Kabul province and graduated from Mahmood Terzy High School in Kabul.
Zia has extensive professional experience in rural and community development.
Zia was scheduled to visit Musa Qala but was prevented from getting there by bad weather.
Mohammad Ehsan Zia said he was happy to note that a number of positive socio-economic changes took place in the life of the people following the implementation of such welfare projects.
Minister Mohammed Ehsan Zia was born in Kabul and graduated from Mahmood Terzy High School.
Having worked in management and advisory positions for humanitarian and post conflict programs in Afghanistan since 1988, Minister Zia has extensive professional experience in rural and community development.
Minister Zia joined the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) as a Policy Advisor in July 2002.
The minister Ehsan Zia said a fund of $9 millions have been allocated to rural rehabilitation and development works in Uruzgan province to be spent on 210 projects.
Mohammed Ehsan Zia has been involved in the implementation of humanitarian and post-conflict programs in Afghanistan since 1988.
Minister Zia has extensive professional experience in rural and community development, and specializes in participatory development theory and peace building.
Ehsan Zia has helped to facilitate a period of rapid progress and development.