Minister of Energy and Water Ismail Khan of Afghanistan

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According to the 1901 census the population of Dera Ismail Khan was 31,737, of whom 18,662 were Muslims, 11,486 Hindus, and 1,420 Sikhs.
In March 1979 Khan was a Captain in the Afghan National Army based in the western city of Herat.
Ismail Khan was forced to flee to Iran with 8,000 men and the Taliban took over Herat.
Ismael Khan was also an important member of United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan (UNIFSA.
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported in 2004 that just prior to the Presidential elections Amanullah Khan had won what local reports called a "major victory" over Ismail Khan's own militia.
Ismail Khan is a controversial figure.
But it is not known if Ismail Khan is among them.
Khan was an officer in the national army and rose up against the Soviet forces stationed in Herat just months after their arrival in 1979.
If he is inside Afghanistan Ismail Khan is likely to be sceptical of any outside political interference.
Ismail Khan is known as a self-styled emir of western Afghanistan and has become one of the country's most powerful men.
Mr Khan has such standing in Herat that Mr Karzai went back to him to ask him to make an appeal for calm.
Correspondents say that, for Mr Karzai, Mr Khan is a symbol of the lack of control exerted by the government in western Afghanistan.
terms of social freedoms," a street hawker called Assadullah told the Reuters news agency.
Resistance against communistsIn March 1979 Khan was a Captainin the Afghan National ArmyAfghan National Army SummaryThe Afghan National Army is the army of Afghanistan and is being trained by the coalition forces in Afghanistan to ultimatel.
Ismail Khan was forced to flee to IranIran 'Throughout history, Iran has been of great geostrategic importance because of its central location in Eurasia.
Ismael Khan was also an important member of UNIFSA.
Under constant pressure both from the government and local rivals, Ismail Khan was sacked in September 2004.
According to the New York TimesIsmail Khan said he personally buttonholed the American ambassador to tell him that Hekmati was innocent, and should be released.
ControversyIsmail Khan is a controversial figure.
First of all, unlike other mujahideen commanders, Khan has not been linked to large-scale massacres and atrocities such as those committed after the capture of Kabul in 1992.
With the money drawn from customs revenues, Khan has rebuilt much of the damage done by the Soviets and the Taliban.
Ismael Khan is the Minister of Energy and Water in Hamid Karzai's government.
Ismael Khan was also an important member of UNIFSA, and a hero of the Afghan resistance against the Soviets.
The local trade of Dera Ismail Khan was of second-rate importance, but some foreign traffic with Khorasan passed through it.
Nowadays D I Khan is increasingly exporting another type of dried date called chooara.
Like other cities and towns of the Saraiki-speaking belt, Dera Ismail Khan is also famous for a desert delicacy called sohan halwa.
societal liberalization and land reform.
to meet with Dostum who by this time had rejoined the Taliban.
his arrest, Khan was put in a Kandahari prison.
of Herat, a large province in western Afghanistan, adjacent to Iran.
venerated and revered by the majority of Heratis.
says belongs to the central government.
Khan has always been independent, even from his Afghan brethren.
relationship with the Iranians, it seems reasonable to expect such council.
necessary to defuse the situation.
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administration and has won the respect of the people.
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Sources told Dawn that setting up of two refugee camps in Dera Ismail Khan was on the cards, where they would also be provided with food, medical facilities and other essentials of daily life.
DCO Khudadad Khan said the Crisis Management Cell had started supply of relief goods and about six trucks loaded with 10,000 tents and 20,000 plastic sheets had arrived in the district.
The Feminist Majority Foundation has heard reports that among other restrictions Khan has placed on women in Herat is a prohibition on their right to work for foreign non-governmental organizations.
During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan of 1979, Khan was an officer in the Afghanistan army, reaching the rank of Mujahedin commander.
Ismail Khan is known for his reluctant support for Afghanistan’s central government.
Khan is a member of Jamiat-e-Islami, the largest political party in the alliance, led by Burhanuddin Rabbani.
Khan is one of the most powerful regional leaders in Afghanistan and his support is crucial to the new national government.
During the Afghan Transitional Administration, Khan was military commander of western Afghanistan (until August 13, 2003 when President Hamid Karzai decreed that officials could no longer hold both military and civil posts) and remains the governor of Herat province.
Khan is one of many regional warlords who have been acting independently of central government control since the fall of the Taliban.
east) by a bridge spanning the Indus.
Ismail Khan was a participant or observer in the following events: May 1998: Blind Sheikh Message Urges Islamists to Seek Violent Revenge on InfidelssEL('1626004942-25639','25639') The card containing Abdul-Rahmans message.
Pakistani journalist Ismail Khan is given a copy of Blind Sheikh Omar Abdul-Rahmans purported will by one of his sons, while attending bin Ladens first and only press conference in May 1998 (see May 26, 1998.
Ismail Khan has long been considered a thorn in Karzai’s side.
As long as Ismail Khan was in power in Herat, Karzai had the least chance of obtaining votes.
Khan accepted Karzai’s move, but rejected the president’s offer to take up the post of minister of mines and industry.
An editorial in the government newspaper ANIS on September 13, said that the people of Herat could not have been the ones responsible for the violence, because “Ismail Khan has always obeyed the orders of the central government.
DI Khan is known throughout Pakistan for its decorative brass inlay work, which can be picked up fairly cheaply in the bazaar.
Ismail Khan has personally ordered some of the politically motivated arrests and beatings, which have been carried out with thorny branches, sticks, cables and rifle butts, Human Rights Watch said.
magazine, Dr Khan has “developed an interest in science but a loathing for India.
Anyone criticising Khan was dubbed a supporter of PAEC.
In all his years at KRL, Khan was always creeping into the nuclear black market.
Ismail Khan is the hero of Herat, the ancient and important city of Western Afghanistan.
Ismail Khan was not a gifted commander or administrator like Masud or Dostum.
routinely lynched, but Khan was a pious and famous jihadi so he was imprisoned instead.
Dera Ismail Khan was founded towards the end of the fifteen century by Ismail Khan, a son of the Baloch adventurer Malik Sohrab, who named the town after.
D I Khan is increasingly exporting another type of dried date called chooara.
Dera Ismail Khan is also famous for a desert delicacy called Sohan Halwa.
Dera Ismail Khan is also famous for its lacquered woodwork, glass and ivory ware, mats, and Sarongs.