Minister of Commerce and Industry Wahidullah Shahrani of Afghanistan

Wahidullah Shahrani was born in Kabul in 1973.
Shahrani is principally responsible for the areas of budget, procurement, treasury and fiscal affairs.
The newly appointed acting-minister of Commerce and Industries Wahidullah Shahrani was appointed to the cabinet criticizing the interpellation process of then Minister, Mohammad Amin Farhang.
loan given by the Asian Development Bank (ADB.
It seems to be realistic," Wahidullah Shahrani said in an interview with Embassy.
Shahrani said security costs have represented the largest expenditures in the country, and that trend continues despite the recent changes.
Shahrani said according German experts 14 million Euros will be spent on water reconstruction projects, 10 million on rural development, 10 million on road constructions, 5 million on reconstruction of Mahipar water dame, and 3 million will be spent on power supply.