Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Zahir Tanin of Afghanistan

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Tanin is a graduate of the Kabul Medical University.
After 1992, Tanin was a freelance writer in France and Editor-in-Chief of Afkbar-e-Haftah and Sabawoon Magazine until 1993.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Afghanistan announced, in June 2008, that Zahir Tanin was selected as a Deputy President (Vice-President) of the UN.
Although the UN elects 21 vice-presidents every year, Tanin said his new role meant Afghanistan could play a greater role on the world stage.
Afghan ambassador to the UN Zahir Tanin says that while Lord Ashdown is held in high regard, Kabul's choice for the role would be British General John McColl.
BARNEY PORTER: Zahir Tanin is the Afghan ambassador to the United Nations.
Mr Tanin says the Islamic militia is protecting the poppy-growers; and the traffickers, and their labs.
Taliban and Al Qaeda forces have intensified the fighting at Afghan borders with Pakistan, timing their campaign to presidential elections in the United States this year and presumably in Afghanistan in 2009 'to force a change in international commitment' in Afghanistan, the country's UN ambassador Zahir Tanin said Tuesday.
It is now clear that the Taliban is a regional threat,' Tanin said during a debate by the 15-nation council on the situation in Afghanistan.
Tanin said the Taliban are increasingly inflicting deaths and destruction to the country's efforts to development.
Tanin said the Taliban has shifted its base from Afghanistan to border regions with Pakistan.
Tanin said however that the new Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari, unlike his predecessor, is a 'friend and trusted leader to address problems of terrorism together.
Ambassador Tanin is clearly a learned man, but his comments were mostly pro-forma until the QA.
Zahir Tanin has extensive knowledge of Afghanistan and international affairs and has written a number of articles and books on Afghanistan both in Dari and English.
Tanin is also a distinguished author, and has written a number of articles and books on Afghanistan in Dari and English.
Zahir Tanin is an Afghan analyst based in London.
Zahir Tanin was selected as the Deputy President of the UN.
Tanin is to take the position from Sept.
Tanin said the recent developments in Pakistan were being watched.
Service (Persian and Pashto Section) for Afghanistan form 2001-2006.
Twentieth Century, published in Tehran.
courses, as well as an extensive one-year BBC leadership programme.
Vice-President) of the UN General Assembly.
Speaking at a meeting of the Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict, Amb Tanin said the information contained in the report of Secretary General on Children and Armed Conflict in Afghanistan is dubious for many reasons.
We were disturbed by the apparent shift in focus of the report from the Taliban to the Government of Afghanistan,” Tanin said addressing the meeting.
Questioning the credibility of the report, Tanin said it seems to be based on base many of its broad conclusions on one or two anecdotes, or less.
Addressing a special session of the Security Council on "Women, Peace and Security, Tanin said the escalation of violence and insecurity in some parts of the country, as a result of terrorist activities carried out by the Taliban and Al-Qaida, has hampered the implementation of the rule of law, rendering women vulnerable to all forms of violence.
Tanin said violence is being used against women by those two groups to force their retreat from public activities and to limit their access to health care and other social services, especially in the south and east.
Tanin said since the fall of the Taliban, the Government of Afghanistan has made considerable progress in creating a secure environment for women, where their rights were protected and where their participation in decision-making bodies and in the peace building process is guaranteed.
Tanin was an Editor of BBC World Service Persian/Pashto Section in Afghanistan in 2003-2006 and Afghanistan and Central Asia, Persian Section, in 2001-2003.
Tanin came to BBC from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he was a Research Fellow at the International Relations Department in 1994 to 1995.
Tanin was co-author of The Communist Regime in Afghanistan, a comprehensive study of the political and social changes in Afghanistan from 1978 to 1992, and authored Afghanistan in the Twentieth Century.
Tanin has also completed several BBC broadcasting, media management, finance management and other courses, as well as an extensive one-year BBC leadership programme.
Tanin is married with two children.
Tanin said that while the world's attention was focused within the borders of Afghanistan, the Taliban and Al Qaeda intensified operations in the Fatah border region of Pakistan.
Tanin was filled with pride upon viewing the exhibit.