Ambassador to the US Aleksander Sallabanda of Albania

Sallabanda was appointed ambassador in February.
Aleksander Sallabanda is the current ambassador of Albania to the United States of America.
Sallabanda received his PhD from the University of Tirana in Albania.
ALBANIA: ‘We are now a producer, not consumer, of regional stability’Thomas CromwellAn interview with Ambassador Aleksander Sallabanda is a refreshing reminder of US policies gone right in recent years.
Ambassador Sallabanda is quick to recognize the importance of European support for Albania as well, but he says in the eyes of most Albanians it is America’s active friendship that has been the key to Albania’s freedom and development.
And while some developed countries might find it almost embarrassing to talk about the value of freedom and the value of America’s commitment to its global spread, Ambassador Sallabanda is an enthusiastic and effective advocate for what he sees the American focus on freedom has done for his country and the Balkan region.
Sallabanda said he will “significantly enlarge” the staff in coming months.
Aleksander Sallabanda is the current Albanian ambassador to the US.
Sallabanda said the allegations were true, but he clearly would prefer not to dwell on the past.
In Washington, the Albanian Embassy currently employs 10 people, but Sallabanda said he will "significantly enlarge" the staff in coming months.
Ambassador Sallabanda is VERY favorable toward the Church in Albania and would love to meet those who have served in his country.