Governor, Bank of Albania Ardian Fullani of Albania

Although the banking system will continue to be profitable, the coming year will be full of unknowns,” Fullani said in a meeting with the bankers' association.
Ardian Fullani joined the Bank of Albania in 1992, in the capacity of the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Albania and further on, during 1993-1996, he was appointed Director of Foreign Department.
Fullani has been the coordinator of foreign financed investment projects in Albania (including FEFAD, Foundation for Enterprise Finance and Development, and KFW, Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau.
Ardian Fullani is the Governor of the Bank of Albania and Member of its Supervisory Council since October 2004.
Policy makers will endeavor to keep the 2008 inflation rate at last year's level, Fullani said in a Feb 12 telephone interview.
Fullani said foreign investors are also interested in the banking and energy industries, roads and tourism.
Nevertheless, Fullani was optimistic about Albania's prospects as foreign investment doubled in 2007, exceeding $400 million, and is expected to be higher this year, he said.
growth and the government moves toward a market economy.
The risk of inflation is lowering in Albania, so the country does not need to raise interest rates after five increases over the past two years, Fullani said on Wednesday.
Fullani was speaking at the European Central Bank's 5th Central Banking Conference.
Fullani was appointed Governor of the Central Bank of Albania.
Fullani was cited as saying that policy makers are aiming to limit the 2008 inflation rate at last year’s level.
Central Bank Governor Ardian Fullani says he expects more foreign banks to invest in Albania.