President Bamir Topi of Albania

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Diplomatic Diary: Germanys Jung visits Kosovo, BiH-Oct 28, 2008Southeast European Times,Also in diplomatic news: Albanias Bamir Topi met with Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan, and negotiations on the reunification of Cyprus continue.
com,In Albania, President Bamir Topi praised both the election of Obama as the 44th President of the United States and the campaign run by his Republican rival.
Albania Judges Sacked for Corruption-Oct 24, 2008BalkanInsight.
Himalayan News Service-Nov 11, 2008Himalayan Times.
President Topi has been a vocal advocate of independence for Kosovo.
Bamir Topi said he will be ruling party's presidential candidate", Southeast European Times, March 9, 2007.
On 8 March 2007 Bamir Topi said that he would be the candidate of the ruling Democratic Party in that year's presidential election.
On 20 July, in the fourth round of voting, Bamir Topi was supported by some members of the opposition and won 85 votes, thus being elected as the President of the Republic of Albania for a 5 year term.
Yesterday afternoon, the Albanian President Bamir Topi met the opposition leaders and the representatives of the minority communities in Kosovo.
President Topi met the representatives of the opposition parties at the Grand Hotel.
Topi said that the countries of the Western Balkans needed to do all they could to prevent further ethnic wars, and to promote European integration and a united European future.
After meeting with Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu, Topi said that the two heads of state had agreed to continue strengthening cooperation between Kosovo and Albania.
Welcome President Topi, You are same time also President of Kosovo.
On July 20, 2007 President Bamir Topi was elected within Parliament after six members of the opposition coalition broke ranks to vote for his candidacy.
Albania to Hold General Election on June 28 Albanian President Bamir Topi has set June 28 as the date of Albania’s parliamentary election, a crucial test.
Celebratory fireworks went off outside the parliament building, and Topi said one of his priorities would be to help reconcile the two political groups.
My fundamental pledge is to respect the constitution, establish a full balance in the Albanian political climate, and take the country ahead in its main two challenges integration into NATO and the European family," Topi said after the election.
Topi said he had received his first message of congratulations from Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu, which Topi said gave "an extraordinary indicative signal that all together we are waiting for Kosovos independence, which is in the interest of peace in the region and global peace.
Topi is to replace Alfred Moisiu for a five-year term during which he said he would try to reconcile political groups, respect the countrys constitution and help the tiny Balkan country, one of Europes poorest, to become a member of the NATO and the European Union.
Topi has been elected three times as a lawmaker during Albanias post-communist period.
Topi had several meetings not only with the political parties representatives but with civil society representatives as well.
Topi was LIVE in Mosul Iraq with the troops in a direct video conference where all the troops family members can see them on Albanian TV.
During the conference Topi said the operation here in Iraq must continue.
Topi was speaking at a joint news conference with his host, Kosovos President Fatmir Sejdiu, after he had arrived in the UN-administered territory early on Friday morning.
Albania is convinced that the sonly solution for the best interests of the region is an independent Kosovo, fully integrated into the EU within its current borders, Topi said in his address to lawmakers.
My country has been a very constructive and active factor, and it will continue to remain so, Topi said while speaking of Albanias role in relation to Kosovo.
During his visit Topi is to meet a range of people, including representatives of the Serb and other minorities.
Topi is due to receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Pristina and become an honorary citizen of Pristina.
Albanian President Bamir Topi said in Priština today that Serb “ultra-nationalists” were to blame for the recent incidents and clashes in Kosovo.
Bamir Topi is elected president of Albania, avoiding a snap election and delayed EU membership.
Curriculum Vitae of the President of the Republic of AlbaniaProfessor Doctor Bamir Topi was born in Tirana on April 24, 1957 in a native Tirana family of intellectual and civil traditions.
Topi has given a great contribution to the development of Tirana ever since its foundation up to the present times.
Topi was appointed Director of the Food Safety and Veterinary Institute, a position held until the end of 1995.
Topi has carried out a dense academic activity in preparing the educational curricula of the Toxicology and Pharmacology subjects for the students and postgraduates of the Veterinary Medicine Faculty while at the same time he was also a Lecturer of these subjects for about a decade.
Topi has carried out an intense political activity as well which originates at the beginning of the democratic movement in Albania in 1990.
Topi has been elected thrice as parliamentarian of the Assembly of Albania, twice as Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party and Head of the DP Parliamentary Group.
Topi has been distinguished and widely hailed as a politician of a moderated profile, as very active in resolving the crisis between the ruling majority and opposition and as a protagonist of political agreements and various parliamentary initiatives.
Topi has incessantly been present in the Albanian and foreign mass media with his constant and coherent positions regarding the different domestic realities.
Topi was elected President of the Republic of Albania on July 20, 2007.
During a brief statement for the media, given on this occasion, President Topi said this artwork shows that the independence of Kosovo came as a result of the efforts made by its people and with the indisputable help of its international friends.
President Topi is on a two day visit in Kosovo, invited by his Kosovo counterpart, Fatmir Sejdiu.
Bamir Topi was sworn in as president of Albania on July 24th, 2007, four days after winning a parliamentary vote for the post.
Born in Tirana on April 24th, 1957, Topi is a biologist by training and holds a PhD in the field.
Topi was elected in the fourth ballot on July 20th with the support of 85 of all 91 lawmakers attending the voting session, including several members of the opposition Socialist Party, who disregarded the party's call for a boycott of the vote.
Topi is the author of a number of political articles and publications in the field of biology.
Topi is respected by most Albanians for his calm and rational manner on the political stage and his willingness to compromise, a rarity in Albanian politics.
Topi was elected thanks to the votes of several Socialist Party lawmakers loyal to their former leader Fatos Nano, who also ran unsuccessfuly for president but did not have his party's full support.
Commentators said Nano's backing for Topi was an "act of hatred" for the new Socialist leadership.
President Bamir Topi says Albania will hold parliamentary elections on June 28.
TIRANA, Albania : President Bamir Topi says Albania will hold parliamentary elections on June 28.
Albanian President Bamir Topi has begun a two-day visit to Kosovo to meet with representatives from the temporary institutions and the international community.
The Albanian parliament adopted a new electoral law amendment on Monday after President Bamir Topi had refused to sign the original.
Toptan's meeting with Topi was closed to the press.
A former agriculture minister, Topi is well-liked at home, according to numerous opinion surveys.
Topi said any political, economic, military or diplomatic effort against Kosovo’s consolidation as a State “would be a hopeless attempt against the integrating processes towards NATO and the European Union.
Topi said “this new political, economical and social reality” that is Kosovo is an irreversible development, adding that formal recognition of it as a State “is to the interest of Kosovo, of Albania, of Serbia and of all its close and distant neighbours, of Europe and Mediterranean space.