Minister of Justice Enkelejd Alibeaj of Albania

head of the Anti-corruption department of the Council of Ministers.
Alongside Albanian State Prosecutor Ina Rama, Alibeaj was hosting meeting with members of the Serbian War Crimes Prosecution, who went to Albania to seek cooperation regarding the investigation of gruesome crimes committed on the territory of Albania and the sale of the internal organs of kidnapped Kosovo Serbs and other non-Albanians from the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija.
The boastful little Enkelejd Alibeaj was born in 1973 in Tirana, where he studied at the Faculty of Law.
Alibeaj has been officially visiting Pristina number of times, where he is regarded a closest ally of the war criminal and mafia thug Hashim Snake Thaci.
Verbally, Alibeaj supports respect for human rights and struggle against the organized crime, with an accent on the struggle against trafficking people for sexual exploitation.
Albanian Justice Minister Enkelejd Alibeaj said the problem was slowly diminishing, although it remained acute in some areas of the north of the country.
Minister of justice Enkelejd Alibeaj told Alsat in an interview that the immunity of prosecutors and the reporting of minister of justice in Parliament on prosecution's work were included in the final draft.
The Minister admitted a certain obstacle in the relations between the ministry and the High Council of Justice which, according to Alibeaj is not following government's reforming pace.
Albania’s Justice Minister, Enkelejd Alibeaj has rejected calls by interest groups, US diplomats and Albania’s President to review a series of bills that aim to reform the justice system.
Alibeaj has rejected the accusation in a recent interview with Albanian service of the BBC, saying that he offered legal advise as part of his former job as head of the Anti-corruption department of the Council of Ministers.
Enkelejd Alibeaj is appointed in the office of the Minister of Justice on date 24.
Enkelejd Alibeaj was born on 11 September 1973; he is married and has two children.
Enkelejd Alibeaj has exercised the duty of the judge in the First Instance Court of Tirana, one of the most important courts in the Republic of Albania.
Enkelejd Alibeaj has exercised the duty of the Director of the Department of Internal Administrative Control and Anticorruption at the Council of Ministers.
Enkelejd Alibeaj is engaged in academic activities as a lecturer in the subject of Constitutional Right at some universities and has contributed in a range of events and academic publications in the field of law.
Enkelejd Alibeaj has taken part in several workshops, conferences, training activities and courses abroad concerning the criminal procedural right (Italy, Poland), human rights (Strasbourg), and judicial reform (Bulgaria) or in the field of anti-corruption.
PM Thai after the meeting with Alibeaj said that reforms and positive experiences from Albania will be transferred to Kosovo in all institutional segments.
Minister of Justice Enkelejd Alibeaj said that the reform is part of Democratic Party's political commitment, and despite the necessary sacrifices that it might take, it fill be completed.
As for the multiple statemens coming out of groups of interest, such a society for lawyers, prosecutors and judges, who claim that their input have not been taken into consideration during the drawing of these draft, Alibeaj says that they are false.
Minister of Justice Enkelejd Alibeaj has failed charges against two prosecutors of Shkodra district.