Minister of Economy and Energy Genc Ruli of Albania

and inability to import electricity while demand soars.
with electricity for the whole year.
Minister Genc Ruli said on Saturday.
to attract investment mainly in infrastructure and energy.
After he heard all the arguments and concerns expressed by MJAFT, the Minister Ruli, thanked the leaders of this movement and congratulated this initiative.
The planned hydro power plant projects in southern Albania will increase the country's gross domestic product by two percentage points, Economy Minister Genc Ruli said on Saturday.
Albania: Oil industry sector of great importance to economy, says EcoMin 15:48 - 01 April 2008The Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy, Genc Ruli had a meeting with the President of Independent Trade Union of Albania, Gezim Kalaja and leaders of oil trade union.
Minister Genc Ruli praised the so far cooperation of oil trade unions with public companies "Albpetrol" and ARMO.
KESH power utility separately for sale, likely in April.
Albanian opposition, majority clash over energy situation18/12/2007TIRANA, Albania -- Economy, Trade and Energy Minister Genc Ruli said during a plenary session Monday (December 17th) that the energy situation in Albania has improved dramatically and that higher imports would result in fewer power cuts.
Albanian Economy Minister Genc Ruli has revealed that the privatisation of up to 80% of Albtelecom will begin by the end of 2006; the shares will placed on the market through an international tender.
Ruli said that it's really important that at this point these companies start exporting their products.
Minister of Economy Genc Ruli is against the idea of an energy park in Porto Romano, saying that it should be a private investment all around, not co-financed by the government.