Minister of Agriculture Jemin Gjana of Albania

Agriculture Minister Jemin Gjana said the chicken was found in the village of Cuke, Sarande district, 290 kilometers (180 miles) south of capital, Tirana.
SP Deputy Speaker Namik Dokle had repeated his earlier invitation to DP leader Jemin Gjana to initiate a dialogue about the draft proposal, but Gjana was unreceptive to the invitation and added that any dialogue would be senseless as long as decisions were being taken in the meantime.
Minister of Agriculture and Food Jemin Gjana said there were no bird flu cases in the country, and appealed to Albanian media not to "amplify the problem.
This was reconfirmed today in the working meeting Minister Jemin Gjana had with Mr.
Albania, Rome to further co-op in agriculture 14:08 - 23 July 2007The Albanian Minister of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection Jemin Gjana met in Tirana with the resident Ambassador of Argentina to Rome and non-resident to Albania Victorio Tacceti, discussed the increase of the two countries' cooperation in the domain of agriculture, ATA News Agency reports.
Considering that Argentina is one of the main countries from which Albania imports meat, Gjana said that he would like to increase formalization of cooperation between the two countries as regards to the exchange of mutual information of documents and certificates of origin of goods.