Minister of Environment, Forests, and Waters Lufter Xhuveli of Albania

However, as soon as the protest was over, the Ministry’s spokesperson officially denied the fact that Minister Xhuveli is involved in the business of importing used tires.
legislation and environmental policies.
Minister Xhuveli was invited to hold a speech at the Faculty of Environmental Engineering in celebration of Earth Day, but what happened at this event surpassed the Ministers wildest expectations.
A few hours before, MAPO magazine had discovered that Minister Xhuveli is one of the most powerful importers of used tires in Albania.
Mejtime Xhuveli has resigned from her position as a partner and has sold her capital to her daughter, Aelita Mani.
However, as soon as the protest was over, the Ministrys spokesperson presented himself in front of the media representatives and officially denied the fact that Minister Xhuveli is involved in the business of used tire importation.
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conference on lake Shkodra in October 2005.
Environmentalist Lavdosh Ferruni said it would be 'a crime against the environment to cut the forests of Fushe-Kruja', which Environment Minister Lufter Xhuveli had wrongly described as 'degraded.
That means that Xhuveli remains the only one from his party at the parliament.