Ambassador to the US Abdallah Baali of Algeria

Baali was pleased to announce that after long, serious discussions, the Conference had been able to establish two subsidiary bodies that would work concurrently with the main committees.
Baali said that the issue of subsidiary bodies had been under discussion for some weeks.
Baali said that the world would be definitely safer only after it totally eliminated nuclear weapons.
Baali said that it would have been unrealistic to set a timetable.
Baali said that they had played a very important role and contributed to the success of the Conference by explaining the issues, drawing attention to some important problems and putting pressure on the parties to achieve a successful outcome.
Baali said it would be an opportunity for the Russian and American leaders to come to an agreement about the very difficult issue of the United States’ national missile defence system and its impact on the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty.
Baali said that the decisions of the 1995 Conference had been clearly reaffirmed.
Baali said that it was absolutely vital that Russia and the United States came to an agreement.
It is to note that M Baali has also rejected the previous UN resolution 1556 on Sudan.
This shows that the Arab League bloc, represented by Baali is attempting to block all UN resolutions that could end up in interventions.
Nothing is stopping Baali for introducing a seperate draft, but as with anything dealing with terrorism and groups like the Islamic Jihad, you can't have unequivocally statements dealing with them without going after Israel.
positions towards greater concurrence.
InhofeOn January 8, 2009, Ambassador Abdallah Baali met with Senator James H.
Harnish IIIOn January 8, 2009, Ambassador Abdallah Baali met with the Honorable Reno L.
LugarOn January 9, 2009, Ambassador Abdallah Baali met with Senator Richard G.
Goli Ameri, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural AffairsOn December 17, 2008, Ambassador Abdallah Baali met at the State Department with Ms.
Meeting with The Deputy National Security Advisor for Global Democracy StrategyOn December 18, 2008, Ambassador Abdallah Baali has met with Mr.
Meeting with members of The Algeria CaucusOn December 10, 2008, Ambassador Abdallah Baali met on Capitol Hill with Congressmen Ed Royce (R-CA), co-chairman of the Algeria Congressional Caucus, and Joe Wilson (R-SC.
Meeting with Representatives from the Algerian CommunityOn December 6, 2008, Ambassador Abdallah Baali met at the Embassy with representatives from the Algerian community living in the United States.
Ambassador Abdallah Baali is a career diplomat and graduate of Algerias National School of Administration.
Meeting with Assistant Secretary of State:On November 21, 2008, Ambassador Abdallah Baali met with Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs C.
Meeting at the State Department:Ambassador Abdallah Baali met on Monday November 17th at the State Department with Mr.
Baali said he hoped for a vote on the draft by.
Baali had it right when the Russian ambassador, Andrey Denisov, urged the council to enact the resolution quickly because terrorists, he said, wait for no one.
Muhammadu Bamba, Bamba, Bamba, Bamba, Bamba, Moomi Buso Baali Took me to Touba.
Baali was skeptical yesterday about its value.
Baali said in a lengthy interview with The Washington.
Baali said the United Nations was not hiring enough staff from less-developed.
Ambassador Abdalla Baali said he would like a vote today, "taking into account the urgency.
Ambassador Abdallah Baali said earlier that a final resolution must clearly give the Iraqis final say over the multinational force.
During his time at the United Nations, Ambassador Baali was president of the 6th Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference, vice president of the 54th and 59th sessions of the UN.
Ambassador Baali has also been a lecturer at institutions such as Yale, Princeton and Fordham universities, as well as the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, Le Centre dEtudes Diplomatiques et Stratgiques in Paris, LInstitut Diplomatique et de Relations Internationales in Algiers, and various disarmament institutes (Monterrey, Tokyo, Albuquerque, Hiroshima.
Ambassador  Baali is currently Algerian Ambassador at large  for political and security affairs and Special Envoy for the Algerian Government.
Ambassador Abdallah Baali has been a career diplomat for 30 years.
Ambassador  Baali has given many lectures , in particular at Princeton,Fordham,Wilton Park, the Council on Foreign Relations of New York,UNIDIR,the IAEA,le Centre d'etudes strategiques  de Paris et l'Institut diplomatique et des Relations internationales d'Alger.