Minister of Industry and Promotion of Investments Abdelhamid Temmar of Algeria

This partnership with Korean companies and the coverage of the two presidents could lead for Algeria to have this capacity to build gradually," Temmar said The presidents of Korea and Algeria in March agreed to form a strategic partnership, joining hands in almost all sectors of the economy, including policy planning.
Temmar met Shin, CEO of SK Energy and other local businessmen interested in investing in his country.
Industry minister Abdelhamid Temmar is in talks with several European and Asian car makers about building an assembly plant in the country.
Temmar has emphasized the economic reforms in Algeria are still underway, to reassure the reluctant British companies to come and invest in the country.
Temmar has affirmed that all the questions were around the legislation and on the mechanisms of privatization.
Temmar has talked during his intervention, beside of the general situation of the investment in Algeria, about the legislative framework for the potential investors affirming that new changes were brought to the law on the investments in the field of facilitations, as the fact that the new law gave three years as an additional time after the end of the project of investment and the right of recourse which will be subjected to a fast study of a ministerial committee.
Temmar has met many responsibles and managers of companies interested in the current operations of privatization including the President General Manager of the company Italian St Gobin, Mr.
to the portfolio was seen as a boost.
Industry and Investment Promotion Minister Abdelhamid Temmar said last month Algeria received $13.
Temmar said negotiations between Algerian and foreign partners would conclude "within two or three months.
The Algerian industry and investment promotion Minister Abdelhamid Temmar has urged the Managers of the national Forum of enterprises to refrain from criticizing, from now onward, the governments ongoing industrial strategy.
Temmar said it would be counterproductive for those critics to castigate the government's newly-adopted strategy in the industrial sector all the more so as all the heads of enterprises had been consulted in advance on the feasibility of the scheme, as he put it.
ALGERIA/UAE: The EMAAR file is sealed, awaiting only the signature of the Emirati side In a statement to the press on Monday in Algiers , Temmar said that the Algerian government had endorsed the urban development project submitted by the Emirati real estate group EMAAR.
Temmar said Algeria's remarkable economic recovery is largely the product of an economic policy that believes "the role of government is to spend only what it should spend while allowing the economy — with all its traditional market forces — to do what it should do.
Temmar said Algeria has already enacted many reforms, including, the reorganization of its tariff system, reform its tax laws and enacting legal protections for investors.
Temmar said that his country is willing to boost industrial relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.