Minister of Water Resources Abdelmalek Sellal of Algeria

Asked on the global approach required by Algeria in settling Moroccan-Algerian problems, Sellal said there is no global nor individual approach.
Algerian Minister of the Interior Abdelmalek Sellal has announced that some 531 members of the Armed Islamic Group have surrendered inside and outside Algeria through midday on Tuesday, adding that some 489 of them surrendered inside Algeria.
Sellal said in a press conference yesterday that the "terrorists" who surrendered to the authorities since July 13 included 25 women and that most of those who surrendered were from the militant Armed Islamic Group (GIA.
Sellal said that about half of these who surrendered came from the extremists' hiding places in the provinces in the middle of the country around the capital, adding that another 42 persons surrendered to the Algerian embassies in foreign countries, most of them in Libya and Sudan where they escaped after the attacks against them increased in Algeria.
During a visit to the Annaba region on Monday (7 August), Water Resources Minister Abdelmalek Sellal said Algeria is hoping to help solve its chronic water shortages by exploiting its underground Saharan water resources.
Speaking during the extraordinary meeting of Arab Water resources ministers, Sellal said that the idea.
Sellal said the new package will include 65-million for building dams in regions struck south and west of the capital.
Interior Minister Abdelmalek Sellal said 85.