Minister of Communication Abderrachid Boukerzaza of Algeria

Boukerzaza is a former minister of territorial development environment in charge of city.
Communication Minister Abderrachid Boukerzaza said the executive decree, which ends the monopoly of state energy group Sonatrach's NAFTAL subsidiary, stipulated that all competitors must sell petroleum products at the same prices.
The goal of the decree is to implement a hydrocarbon law and open the market for oil product distribution to new players with the aim of launching competition," Boukerzaza said at a news conference after attending a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia.
Boukerzaza said the hydrocarbon regulatory authority will ensure that all competitors implement the same retail prices throughout the country.
Algerian communication minister, spokesperson for the government Abderrachid Boukerzaza said problems behind the closed land border between Algeria and Morocco still exist.
In a press conference on Monday (August 25th), Communications Minister and government spokesman Abderrachid Boukerzaza said that new measures by the security forces are intended to foil attacks against civilians and security forces.
Commenting on recent suicide attacks in Zemmouri, Issers and Bouira which killed 69 people and injured 70 more, Boukerzaza said the perpetrators are "criminals in the employ of foreign terrorist organisations", in reference to al-Qaeda.
Communications Minister Abderrachid Boukerzaza said the Oran disturbances "were at the centre of the concerns of the public authorities" and the government had embarked on an effort to understand the violence and identify its causes.
As of Tuesday, Algerian Communications Minister Abderrachid Boukerzaza said a total of 65 people had been killed in the recent heavy flooding around the country.
Asked about it Thursday, Algerian Communication Minister Abderrachid Boukerzaza said journalists should not fall into the trappings of the terrorists, who are isolated and weakened and are seeking to make an impact in the media.
Boukerzaza said anti-terrorism operations were under way in the whole country, but did not elaborate.