Minister of Public Works Amar Ghoul of Algeria

Amar Ghoul was born in the wilaya of Ain Defla.
The capital’s human population is six million: every day two million vehicles crowd its many narrow and winding streets which according to Public Works Minister Amar Ghoul is 20 times the capital’s initial capacity of 100,000 vehicles.
Ghoul has called the Chinese highway constructing company’ executive officers, Citic CRCC, employing people with recent diplomas, living in Khemis Meliana region.
Ghoul has emphasized on the respect of the fixed deadline of the 23km section linking between Meliana and Hasinia regions.
Ghoul has ordered local construction companies in charge of constructing some highway sections, to adopt the rotational work employing 2 workers groups filling all the daytime beginning at 5 am to finish at 7 pm.
Works Minister Amar Ghoul said Saturday.
Algerian Public Works Minister Amar Ghoul has characterized the east-west highway project -- which will create 100,000 jobs -- as the "project of the century.
Seventy-one per cent of the workforce will be Algerian, while Chinese and Japanese workers will make up the remaining 29%," Ghoul said at the signing ceremony.
Public Works Minister Amar Ghoul said in remarks published on Sunday the project was economically profitable and the government was determined to complete it.