Minister of Religious Affairs Bouabdellah Ghlamallah of Algeria

The Algerian authorities, "supposedly committed to secularism," appear to be aware of this, as religious affairs minister Bouabdellah Ghlamallah has "promised to create a national council to ensure that religious rulings, or fatwas, from clerics conform with Algerian law.
Bouabdellah Ghlamallah has disclosed some recommendations being proposed by the week of Quran concluded Thursday, for mosques and Quran schools in order to counter efficiently evangelization.
Bouabdellah Ghlamallah said he has told French Interior Minister, Ms.
Algerian Religious Affairs and Waqf Minister Bouabdellah Ghlamallah said on Sunday (December 21st) that attacks against Islamic institutions are the work of "racist and extremist groups and political currents that reject the co-existence of culture and religions", APS reported.
Algerian Religious Affairs Minister Bouabdellah Ghlamallah has demanded that eight Christian organizations in the country operate in accordance with Algerias 2006 law regulating non-Muslim religious activity.
No cases of conversion (to Christianity) have been officially reported in the country," Algerian Minister of Religious Affairs Bouabdellah Ghlamallah was quoted as saying by the daily Al-Khabar.
Ghlamallah was quoted as saying by the daily Al-Khabar.
The 20,000 mosques that unite thousands of believers each Friday in Algeria have a social duty, and must, therefore, get involved in raising public awareness, as was done with the threat of avian influenza or during the World Day for the Fight against AIDS, Ghlamallah said in his message.