Minister of Urban Planning, the Environment, and Tourism Cherif Rahmani of Algeria

During the announcement, Rahmani said the initiative would help bring new industries to Algeria as well as boost its current industries.
Rahmani described the country as "relatively prosperous" one, but he also said he would like to see further growth in other industry sectors, as currently there is a high concentration in the oil and gas industries.
addressing the issues of deserts and desertification.
Algeria’s leadership role in combating desertification.
The other award winners, are former US Vice-President Al Gore, International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge, Brazilian Environment Minister Marina Silva, Jordanian Prince El Hassan Bin Talal, Philippines' Environment Minister Elisea "Bebet" Gillera Gozun, and Swedish Environmental Ambassador Viveka Bohn, Rahmani was honoured for advancing environmental law in Algeria and for addressing the issue of desertification.
Rahmani was speaking at a workshop on desertification jointly organised by Algeria's parliament and the Africa Union's Pan-African Parliament.
Rahmani said the spread of deserts would swell the flow of Africans fleeing poverty at home for economic opportunities in rich countries, newspapers including El Watan and El Moujahid said.
Rahmani said that by 2025 the number of people living in deserts around the world would have doubled to two billion, including 750 million in Africa, and called on the international community to do far more to protect the land.
international community to do far more to protect the land.
The UN Climate Change Conference to is to be held in Copenhagen at the end of next year, after a preparatory meeting in Poznan, Poland in December, and Algerian Environment Minister Cherif Rahmani said Africa needs a "common position" because "the stakes and the threats are common.
Rahmani said Africa would insist that rich countries take into account developing nations who produce less polluting gas.
5 million tourists by 2015, and targets 11 million by 2025, Minister for Town Planning, Environment and Tourism Cherif Rahmani said at a press conference Monday (November 12th.
Rahmani said a national strategy is needed to encourage the emergence of Destination Algeria by 2025.
Rahmani has made significant contributions in his capacity as President of the Foundation ‘Deserts du Monde’ and as Honorary Spokesperson of the United Nations International Year of Deserts and Desertification.
Algerian Environment Minister Cherif Rahmani said at a meeting Thursday that Africans will focus on making sure the world allots enough funds to fight the expansion of deserts, to protect forests, and to create sources of renewable energy _ the three fields where Africa has most at stake.