Minister of Culture Khalida Toumi of Algeria

Khalida Toumi was known as Khalida Messaoudi before she reclaimed her maiden name.
Khalida Toumi has in recent years lost her credibility as a staunch proponent of democracy because of her loyalty to President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, harshly criticized today for his authoritarianism and alliance with Islamists.
HE Ms Khalida Toumi accepted to participate in this huge cultural event and donated several books and publication on the Algerian culture to the BA.
Khalida Toumi expressed her deep appreciation for choosing Algeria as a guest of honor for this year’s Book Fair and extended her gratitude to the President, Government and people of Egypt and to the great Library of Alexandria, describing it as the warmest oasis of culture in the world.
The solemn inauguration of the Algerian gateway to the Discover Islamic Art Virtual Museum by Minister Toumi was followed by a short piece of music and by the visit of the Islamic Art Museum.
Khalida Toumi has notified Prime Minister about what she called as: the silence Public Authorities, including Prefects towards illegal parties and galas being organized by concert promoters in the summertime.
Muslims and Arabs are proud of such activities,? Toumi said in the opening ceremony.
Algerian Culture Minister Khalida Toumi said that the Iranians have rendered great services to the Islamic culture and civilization.
Ms Toumi said that Algeria is keen to enhance its relationship with the United Arab Emirates and during her visit will sign an agreement with the UAE Ministry of Information to facilitate close cultural interactions between the two countries.
Toumi said that under the new law, the National Centre for Film and Audiovisual Arts (CNCA), which was established in 2004, will conduct a certain amount of that oversight.
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