Minister of War Veterans (Moudjahidine) Mohamed Cherif Abbas of Algeria

Missing from the post is the important fact that Chérif-Abbas was disavowed by his own government.
On a report which appeared in the El Khabar newspaper, the Algerian veteran minister Mohamed Cherif Abbas had pleaded that the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, while campaigning for office, enjoyed the backing of a "Jewish lobby that has a monopoly on French industry.
Concerning the danger of terrorism, Cherif Abbas said Algeria has been threatened by saboteurs for 15 years.
Abbas is a veteran of Algeria's war of independence against France (1954-1962.
Mohamed Cherif Abbas said Tehran and Algiers share common views about many international issues.
In the original interview Abbas was also outspoken on the issue of France recognising the crimes it allegedly committed under its 1830-1962 colonisation of Algeria.
You know the origins of the president of France and you know who it was that brought him to power," Abbas had been quoted as saying.