Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Rachid Benaissa of Algeria

Speaking at a press briefing, Benaissa said that the policy on rural renewal, which is being implemented by the government between 2007 and 2013, includes the upgrading of the rural world through the adoption of integrated programs with the involvement of several sectors and ministries.
Rachid Benaissa has indicated that the absence of communication and centralization are among the problems which the sector is facing.
Rachid Benaissa has indicated yesterday, on the Channel III in the programme Questions of the hour, that the dynamics of rural development did not relate to his Ministry only, it requires a high level of coordination between the various sectors.
The Ministry Delegated to the Rural Development has estimated the number of inhabitants of the rural areas at 12 million, Benaissa has indicated that several families are gone back to the rural areas after having left them during the period of terrorism, it did not present a number exact on this question, affirming on another plan that the measures put by its services relating to the revival of certain projects of development were not refused by the citizens.
Benaissa has indicated that 80% of the envelope devoted to the projects of development of the high plateaus by the president of the Republic, were intended for the rural areas indicating that there was a delay in the realization of the basic infrastructures, while important financial envelopes were gathered within the framework of the programme of support for the areas of the south, for the installation of the castles and the economic revival in the area, he has added that the citizen is the vital element in the rural development and the State is the coordinator.
yahooBuzzArticleSummary = "Rachid Benaissa is a man of considerable allure and sophistication.
Rachid Benaissa is a man of considerable allure and sophistication.
It has been 12 years, and Benaissa is still at large and considered an international fugitive.
Rachid Benaissa is now almost 60 years old, living out his days in cosmopolitan splendor.
Benaissa said that the rural revival national strategy would help nearly 4,000 projects.
Benaissa said the local development objectives including modernising rural spaces, distributing economic activities throughout rural areas and protecting and developing Algeria's rural heritage.
Algeria’s Minister for Rural Development Rachid Benaissa said that the government has allocated USD 18bn for financing local projects over the next three years.
A Cosmopolitan Charmer written by Melinda cayetano Rachid Benaissa is a man of considerable allure and sophistication.
A Cosmopolitan CharmerRachid Benaissa is a man of considerable allure and sophistication.
Police say after murdering Patricia, Benaissa fled to Canada, France, and then Algiers.
Benaissa is fluent in English and French.
Cops say while Benaissa lived in the states he became very Americanized, and they think he might be hiding out somewhere in France or Canada.
Police say Benaissa is known to use marijuana and cocaine.
Benaissa has worked as an auto mechanic in the past.