Minister of Health, Population, and Hospital Reform Said Barkat of Algeria

Barkat said to the crowd, We hope you enjoy the show, and immediately, over half of the audience got up and walked out, leaving an embarassing 30-40 people in the room which probably holds about 500.
Minister Barkat is also said to have recalling other painful moments at double national and Arab plans, like inundations, quakes and war on Iraq, saying during that time the Algerian people displayed unwavering solidarity with the populations hit and with the Iraqi people.
The wounded were taken to a nearby hospital where Barkat was pronounced dead.
Barkat said that the city was losing secular Israelis because of the growing dominance of the ultra-Orthodox, which had been symbolized for the past five years by the mayor, Uri Lupolianski.
In his attitudes toward East Jerusalem, Barkat was very close to his opponent, Porush, which left some left-wing Jerusalemites complaining that they were disenfranchised.
Barkat is “going to preside over the final chapter of the city as I know it,” he said.
Diskin said that Barkat is viewed as a smooth political operator and will enjoy some success.
Prof Barkat said shrimp culture occupied 20,000 hectares of land in 1979-80 while a total of 410,000 hectares of land came under this business in 1996-97.
If Barkat is elected mayor, and if he carries through with his promise, this would mark a major change in existing policies regarding construction of Jewish neighborhoods in the area.
Barkat is one of the founders of the Israel Venture Network (IVN), an organization of about 200 Israeli and American high-tech businesspeople, dedicated to investing in education and welfare programs in Israel.
Vice Premier Haim Ramon and PA negotiator Mohammad Rashid have agreed on a plan to divide Jerusalem, Jerusalem municipal opposition leader Nir Barkat said Wednesday, following a letter he received from Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni.
I am committed to providing service to the haredi sector and there is definitely no cause to fear that tomorrow morning the course of nature will change," Barkat said at a press conference.
In partnership with venture capitalist Alan Feld, Barkat has created StartUp Jerusalem, bringing together high-tech and venture capital leaders, university researchers and Jerusalem businessmen in a promising new business initiative under CEO Eli Kazhdan.
If Jerusalem mayoral candidate Nir Barkat is elected, he said he would "reopen all contracts" for the city's long-delayed and overspent light rail project and consider an overhaul of the plans.
Barkat discussed the rail project initiated by former Jerusalem mayor Ehud Olmert and built under the supervision of Mayor Uri Lupolianski, at a standing-room-only election rally attended by hundreds in the Ahuzat Beit Hakerem residence for retirees on Sunday night.
Barkat said there is potential for an increase in the annual number of foreign tourists to Jerusalem from the current one or two million to 10 million over the next decade by developing historical, religious and cultural sites and establishing a coordinated network of transportation.
Barkat came out squarely against the Safdie Plan for building housing in the green Jerusalem Corridor area west of the capital because it would hurt the environment and promote haredi control over non-haredi neighborhoods instead of encouraging the building of more apartments for everyone in low-density neighborhoods.
But Barkat said the land for the proposed neighborhood was all Jewish-owned, or under the aegis of the Israel Lands Authority, and also that Palestinian residents of Anata had voiced their support for the idea because "they believe it will improve their own infrastructure and businesses.
Barkat said his chief opponent, MK Meir Porush, intended to work only for the benefit of haredi residents at the expense of other Jerusalemites.
While he lost the previous mayoral election by fewer than 20,000 votes "because so many in the Zionist sectors - secular and modern Orthodox - failed to vote," Barkat said he hoped everyone would go out to vote this time and not be apathetic, as they had the power to bring about change for the better.
Soundly beaten in the 2003 election, Barkat has mobilized secular resentment and is on the verge of a comeback, holding a 12-point lead in a recent poll over Rabbi Meir Porush, his nearest rival.
Barkat is not universally admired among secular Israelis, many of whom consider him too far to the right.
Despite his perceived negatives, Barkat has rallied a large number of voters, secular and modern Orthodox, by turning the election into a new skirmish in Israels long-running Jewish culturewar.
Agriculture Minister Said Barkat said the Algerian government cannot write off farmers' debts again, saying the state has "done its duty in full.
Barkat is calling on farmers to negotiate with banks directly to find a solution to the problem.
Barkat was afraid to tell her mom she was writing the book, which has the working title Secrets in Stone.
Tonight has to be a night of unity," Barkat said in a victory speech after polls closed late on Tuesday.
Barkat had angered some supporters by courting religious voters with promises to support Jewish settlement expansion in Jerusalem.
Barkat has no charisma and is not a rising Israeli politician, he said.
Israel - Jerusalem's new secular mayor Nir Barkat has brought an ultra-Orthodox faction into his coalition, two weeks after forging one without any Haredi members and one week after taking office.
Israeli and Palestinian representatives have reached an agreement to divide Jerusalem, the capital's municipal opposition leader Nir Barkat said Wednesday.
Barkat said his parents had come to Jerusalem because they saw in it a successful city.