Minister of Labor and Social Security Tayeb Louh of Algeria

Algerian minister of labor al-Tayeb Louh said that irregular work gives the true picture of the labor market as it increased unemployment figures, the same as in his country where actual unemployment rate decreased in recent years to less than 17% while reports give say unemployment rate reaches 28 % when including irregular labor when considered as unemployed.
The other including Vice-Presidents Tayeb Louh (representing Governments) and Rabiatou S’rah Diallo (representing the Workers group),  Louh is Algeria’s Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, S’rah Diallo is the Secretary General of the National Confederation of Workers (CNTG) of Guinea.
The Algerian Labour and Social Security Minister Tayeb Louh has ruled out any bipartite or tripartite meeting before the first semester of 2009, stressing that the planned encounter bringing together the Employment Ministry, the Employers’ Confederation and the UGTA Union will be solely designed to shore up the implementation of the National Social and Economic Pact.
Labour Minister Tayeb Louh said recently that the jobless rate will be less than 10 % in 2009.
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Louh is Algerias Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security.