Minister of Health, Welfare, Family, and Housing Montserrat Gil of Andorra

Although the character of Gil was mentioned and momentarily seen in the final episode — although this was done using a clip of Michael Landes from the previous series — he was not a main character.
Gil is an American comedy writer, who has moved to England to start a new project with TV producer Lloyd Drewitt (Owen Brenman.
Episode 3 – The Reflecting Pool – Gil is asked to open a swimming pool, and meets a fan of his work, later discovering she used to be a Hells Angel.
Episode 4 – They Do Not Move – Gil is forced to watch a rather poor all-woman version of Waiting for Godot, and is then asked on a dinner date by a rather sexy actress.
Gil is asked to joined a comedy writing team to write a sitcom pilot for a talentless documentary star, and starts to become attracted to a fellow writer.
Gil is in the time zone (CET) which has a difference of +1 hours to GMT.
write('Multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter Gilberto Gil joined his first group, the Desafinados, in the mid-\'50s and by the beginning of the 1960s was earning a living as a jingle composer.
By the end of the 1950s, Gil was studying business administration at Savlador\'s Federal University and playing with a group called Os Desafinados.
Gil said there was a lack of administrative and legal orders regarding the prohibition of such practices, and the Government would be told of the Committee's recommendation so that it could amend its legal system.