Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Afonso Pedro Canga of Angola

Talking about the The institutional creation of food and nutritional security, Afonso Canga expressed the need to create an institution where the sectors of Health, Education, Employment and Justice, among others, can guarantee that food security becomes a matter of the State.
Luanda, Angola, 4 July – Vietnam and China are to fund, as of next year, the production of rice on a small, medium and large scale in Angola, the Angolan Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development Minister, Afonso Pedro Canga said recently.
Concerning the meeting he attended in representation of the country, minister Canga said it was positive and that his delegation was pleased with the achievement of the planned goals, namely defining of policies of food reserves, seeds and research.
Canga said that “regardless of public resources, we also have to find other sources of funding for farmers, retailers and industrial business owners, focused on the agrarian sector.