Prime Minister Antonio Paulo Kassoma of Angola

Kassoma was born in Rangel municipality, located in Luanda, the capital.
From 1978 to 1979, Kassoma was Deputy Minister of Defense for Weapons and Technology.
Kassoma was later the Governor of Huambo Province and First Secretary of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) in Huambo Province.
At the party's Fifth Ordinary Congress in December 2003, Kassoma was elected to the MPLA Political Bureau.
Kassoma was sworn in by dos Santos at the Presidential Palace in Luanda on the same day.
Speaking to the press afterwards, Kassoma said that he would place a priority on accelerating the process of national reconstruction.
I swear for my honour to be loyal to the Angolan motherland and cooperate in the realisation of the highest interests of the State," Paulo Kassoma said during the oath-taking ceremony.
Antnio Paulo Kassoma was born in Luanda on June 6, 1951, son of Paulo Kassoma and Laurinda Katuta, both from Bailundo district, central Huambo province.
Paulo Kassoma is also an Angolan Armed Force (FAA)'s high ranking officer on the reserve since 2001 and member of the ruling MPLA party politburo, since the organisation's latest congress of December 2003.
business and professional associations.
Paulo Kassoma was speaking at the year's end greeting ceremony with the personnel of his office, whom he wished a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Antnio Paulo Kassoma said that his staff in their capacity as the assistant of the head of government expect for great tasks that may be fulfilled in the ambit of the materialisation of the national plan and the state budget with discipline and professional rigour.
Friday, a new ministry headed by Prime Minister Antonio Paulo Kassoma was sworn in by President Jose Eduardo dos Santos in Angola.
Kassoma was appointed as the Prime Minister of the African country on Tuesday, following the victory of the ruling MPLA party in the parliamentary elections held earlier last month.
Angolan Prime Minister Antonio Paulo Kassoma was quoted as saying that the macroeconomic policy for 2009 is to secure conditions for economic stability and efficiency and contribute for a positive and controlled balance of payment.
Kassoma said the public finances for 2009 will be directed to goals such as the provision of public and semi-public goods, the resolution to income imbalances and participation in efforts of economic convergence within the framework of the Southern Africa Development Community and the Economic Community of East Africa.