Minister of Housing and Social Transformation Hilson Baptiste of Antigua and Barbuda

The Minister of Housing, Culture & Social Transformation, the Hilson Baptiste and the entire staff wish to express sincere thanks to the business community and individuals who made it possible for the Ministry to host a lunch for Senior Citizens and the children’s Christmas party.
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Minister of Housing and Social Transformation Hilson Baptiste said the motion is very timely.
Baptiste said the terms and conditions of the loan are very attractive to the government, since it was negotiated at a three per cent interest rate.
When Baptiste approached Venezuela, he went with the argument that the civil servants in Antigua and Barbuda have been promised houses for a number of years and were still without them.
Baptiste has been the Member of Parliament for the St.
The Honorable Hilson Baptiste was born on the 14th October 1947.
But, Baptiste said that they had to expand the qualifications because there were those who were not 60 and were as desperate, if not more so, for the support.
Minister of Housing and Social Transformation Hilson Baptiste said the study showed that Antigua and Barbuda needs close to 5,000 homes to satisfy the need of all residents.
Baptiste said part will be used for the housing development and the other part will be used as wetlands.
Speaking at a press conference on Monday in observance of Media Awareness Week under the theme, “Be Aware Be Prepared” Minister Baptiste said he’s pleased with the work of Director of NODS, Mrs.
In responding to suggestions that everyone should be taxed, Minister Baptiste said it would be difficult for a single mother earning no more than two hundred dollars per week to pay income tax.
However, Minister Baptiste said that his action was hypocritical as some years ago his party had called an election on a Holy Thursday.
Minister Baptiste said the implementation of the tax will further help them in seeking aid from overseas, as they are constantly quizzed about the type of tax that is levied on residents.
The government has replaced its Home Help programme with a new initiative called the Government’s Residential Assistance and Care Programme for the Elderly (GRACE) and Minister of Social Transformation, Hilson Baptiste said the government is determined not to make it political.
Baptiste said when his government took office it realised that some elderly persons were not getting assistance, since care for the elderly was largely dependent on which government minister was in charge of the program.
We want to take the political colors out of it and make it nation based…I need to make sure that persons who really get the service are those who really need the service,” Minister Baptiste said while delivering remarks during the ceremony, which was held on Wednesday morning.
However, Minister Baptiste said that family members who can afford to pay an individual to care for their parents should do so, in an effort to allow persons who are really in need of the service to benefit.
its course through Grenada last week.
Minister Baptiste was deeply touched at the extent of devastation not only to the tourism sector, but to the island as a whole.
Former Housing Minister Hilson Baptiste said Mungalsingh had entered into an agreement with the former administration and after negotiations broke down, he left the island with individuals' money and not one house being built.
Minister of Housing and Social Transformation Hilson Baptiste said that Antiguans had been promised housing for more than 15 years and this is the time for government to assist them.
Kwame Hilson Baptiste was raised in the Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda where he completed his high school diploma and A-Level (Junior college) studies.
CRIMINALS living in Antigua and Barbuda, but who are from other countries should be made to leave the island, Housing and Social Transformation Minister Hilson Baptiste has said.