Governor General James B. Carlisle of Antigua and Barbuda

John Carlisle was a very handsome man, 30 years of age, with sparkling black eyes under bushy brown brows.
While there, however, Robert Bruce Carlisle was born 12 March 1876.
Carlisle was a native of Peel, Isle of Man, and arrived in Salt Lake with the handcart company of 1856.
Carlisle has indicated that the 200th anniversary of the British Empire Atlantic Slave Trade is of great historical significance.
Carlisle took umbrage at those groups that seek to get rid of Christianity and subsequently Christmas and maintained that the world is a better place because of Christian living.
Per Mary Alice Carlisle Froman: "My grandfather Carlisle was Samuel, he and a brother came from Virginia and settled in the Kentucky River Valley near Carrollton, both had quite a lot of land.