Minister of Social Development Alicia Kirchner of Argentina

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In December 2005, Kirchner was elected to the Argentine Senate as senator for Santa Cruz Province for the Front for Victory faction, replacing her sister-in-law Cristina Fernández de Kirchner who stood in Buenos Aires Province.
Kirchner was touted as a likely Front for Victory candidate to be governor of Santa Cruz in the 2007 elections, with fellow minister Julio de Vido as the other possible candidate mentioned.
Ultimately, however, Kirchner remained a minister following the 2007 elections (and Daniel Peralta became governor of Santa Cruz.
President Kirchner was born in Santa Cruz and served as its governor on and off from 1991 to 2003.
Last week, some sources close to Kirchner said that Bielsa was closer to take the Ministry of Justice, because of his background.
blocked more than 50 main highways and bridges.
economist will remain in his post.
Kirchner had readily agreed to the interview, saying it was an honor to have her professional work included in the book.
Kirchner has a “macro-perspective,” when it comes to social work and is someone who has been involved in administration and policy making for a long time, Dr.
Santa Cruz for 12 years before becoming president in 2003.
her role will be not first lady, but first citizen.
as well as in IMF discussions regarding the country’s defaulted debt.
influence of self-serving international forces.
mobilization that Kirchner has had to confront.
considers an Argentine’s legitimate right to free expression.
dialogue with the majority of the groups to reach peaceful agreements.
Kirchner has had to resort to stronger measures.
Although President Kirchner has removed a political obstacle, threats to Argentina's strong economic recovery remain.
Global Insight Perspective SignificanceCristina Fernández de Kirchner has ratified nine incumbent ministers in their posts for her 2007-2011 administration, which is due to begin on 10 December.
It is generally accepted that Kirchner has been the virtual Economy Minister since Roberto Lavagna's exit in 2005 and many fear that Fernández, along with her husband, will maintain tight control over the portfolio.
is the author of "Inquiries into Some Meanings of Peronism.
with the presidents of Brazil and Chile.
and probity to be president," he said in an interview here.
but his supporters deny any sinister intent.
Kirchner was forced to advance the names of her team because of the re-emergence of tensions between high ranking officials within the Nestor Kirchner administration, which had been building over the past year but had been suppressed during the presidential campaign.
Kirchner has chosen a young minister with a low profile (instead of others who were in the running for the post, including Mario Blejer, former president of the Central Bank, or Beatriz Nofal, current head of the Investment Promotion Agency) suggests that the main economic policy decisions will continue to be taken by the presidential couple.
According to the official statements, former president Nestor Kirchner has seen the value of his assets jump 160% during his four years in office to the moment he handed the presidential sash to her wife Cristina Fernandez.
Alicia Margarita Kirchner is an Argentine Justicialist Party politician.
Néstor Kirchner has also become the first First Gentleman in Argentine history.
Kirchner is one of a comparatively small number of women who have achieved their nation's highest elected office.
Kirchner has inevitably attracted comparison with Eva Peron.
Both "played a considerable influence over their presidential husbands and enjoyed considerable support from Argentina's poor working communities" but Kirchner is generally perceived to have "built a career largely on her own merit.
A second-round run-off vote between Menem and second-place finisher Néstor Kirchner was scheduled for May 18.
Kirchner was forced to remove Bielsa (foreign relations), Pampuro (defense) and Alicia Kirchner (the president´s sister and social development), who were elected to the Legislature and are to assume their positions in Congress on December 10.
Kirchner had characterized the election as a chance for the public to pass judgment on his presidency, which began two years ago after a massive economic collapse threw the country into social and political turmoil.
Kirchner has helped lead Argentina out of recession and into a third consecutive year of economic growth.
We're very pleased because we have received enormous backing from the whole country, Fernandez Kirchner said during a radio interview on Monday.
Though her political fate is naturally linked with her husband's, Fernandez Kirchner had been a political power long before her husband became president, serving as a senator for the Patagonian province of Santa Cruz.