Minister of Interior Florencio Randazzo of Argentina

Randazzo said firefighters were coping with 300 separate grassland fires, some of which needed firefighting aircraft assistance.
Interior Minister Florencio Randazzo said more than 300 blazes had been detected.
led to the biggest anti-government demonstrations since 2001.
Randazzo said that the new rule is based on the premise that Argentina should have never lost sight of its role regarding immigration.
Referring to Europe recently tightening its immigration legislation, Randazzo said that Argentinas implementation of a new law encouraging immigration at a time the world is showing an increasingly negative attitude to migratory currents was to be lauded, and that it placed the country on the forefront of migratory policies.
With regard to the introduction of reciprocal visa charges, Randazzo said the measure would affect citizens of countries such as Australia, the United States and Canada.
Randazzo said the government has asked prosecutors to prosecute those who set the blazes.
Randazzo said in an interview that Kirchner has been the best president of Argentina so far and added that people are aware of this.
This is the largest fire of this kind that we've ever seen," Argentine Interior Minister Florencio Randazzo said Thursday.
Argentinean Interior Minister Florencio Randazzo said the Executive power “does not agree on going back to mobile retentions,” and confirmed the celebration of a rally summoned at Plaza de Mayo Wednesday.
Randazzo said this would be “an activity with peace and joy” and considered the population is not worried with the act, but because of the long demand by agricultural employers unions, generating uneasiness.
Randazzo said an investigation was underway to lay charges for environmental damage and health risks.
Interior Minister Florencio Randazzo said the government thought an appeal for dialogue by President Cristina Fernandez on Wednesday would convince farmers to suspend the strike, originally scheduled to end on Thursday.