Prime Minister Nelson Oduber of Armenia

A summary of the Diario article of Abramoff and Oduber is as follows: What’s involved is that Nelson Oduber, the Prime Minister of Aruba, paid Abramoff over 250 thousand dollars to put in a good word for him in the Congressional records.
Oduber was grateful for the gesture and on Pichardo’s second visit to the island, asked him to spearhead the adoption of the elementary school in Kadushi Largo.
Nelson Oduber takes a cue from his friend Hugo ChavezWas it not enough that Prime Minister Nelson Oduber controls cable television, land line telephones, cellular telephones, and the internet provider on the island? Was it not enough that Oduber promoted his own agenda to protect Arubas reputation where tourism was concerned? Was it not enough that Oduber had his own secret task force working behind the scenes to malign Natalee Holloway and her family? Apparently not.
Nelson Oduber is in charge of SETARAmigoe October 12, 2006Also the Board of Directors of Setar was dismissed last week.
Oduber was of the opinion that the rectification was not published according to the sentence, but the Court ruled against that.
The judge had decided in September of 2005 that Mansur had offended Oduber by publishing twice in the Diario that Oduber had done business with a Columbian drug cartel from his home in October of 1993 and had called him the most corrupt premier ever.
html Friday, June 10, 2005 Oduber said hes been in touch with US.
We are shocked and completely distraught, Oduber said Thursday.
Oduber said he conveyed to them that we will do our utmost to try to find her and solve this case.
Why was Nelson Oduber making public speeches that were simultaneously contradicting the intent in actions being taken by the ALE? If finding Natalee was the Number 1 goal, why did the ALE not begin their investigation by protecting evidence, seizing the car Natalee was last seen in, arresting Joran, Deepak and Satish under cause for suspicion – and interrogating them thoroughly? Aruba Prime Minister Nelson Oduber said finding Holloway was the No.
Oduber said his government was working closely with US.
Oduber met with Holloways relatives and pledged that police would not exclude anyone from their investigation.
Then, the next day, June 11, is when Prime Minister Oduber comes on international media and announces to the world that theres blood; theres blood in Deepak and Satish Kalpoes car.
html Friday, June 10, 2005 Why was Nelson Oduber making comments about the harm that would come to Aruba if something happened to Natalee Holloway – when Oduber was claiming that finding Natalee was Arubas number one goal and priority? Was this shift in Odubers comments a signal to ALE officials that the number one goal was no longer finding Natalee and that the goal had shifted to protecting Arubas reputation at all costs – even at the cost of Natalees justice and truth from ever being found? Prime Minister Nelson Oduber went on (Aruban) national radio Friday night to say if something happened to Holloway, it would hurt the island of 97,000, which depends on tourism and has a reputation as one of the safest spots in the Caribbean.
Were these occurrences misinformation when the press releases were being made up, or after the impact of these press releases was fully realized and someone decided it would be bad for the tourism business? Aruba Prime Minister Nelson Oduber said no one had informed him of a confession, but noted that type of information is not something he would learn of during this stage of investigation.
Prime Minister Nelson Oduber said his government was working closely with US.
And we will continue to demand that the search for answers into what happened to Natalee will not cease," Oduber said in a statement released Monday.
Oduber said that the population of Aruba - 70 sq.
Mr Oduber said that he aimed to make his country "Dubai of the Caribbean and Gateway of Latin America.
Oduber said his country had its own central banking system, Parliamentary form of governance and an independent judiciary.
Prime Minister Nelson Oduber joined Venezuelan investors Sergio Gallero.
On Friday, Oduber described Holloway's disappearance as a tragedy, but he also called it an isolated issue that was irrelevant to the election.
We will continue to upgrade our tourist industry and we will concentrate on having a balanced budget by 2009, Oduber said early Saturday after his victory was assured.
This is the price we, as a country, must pay in order to be a part of the Kingdom,” Oduber said to parliamentarians of Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles on Tuesday.
In his presentation on the policy of Aruba and the Netherlands concerning foreign affairs, Oduber said he was satisfied with the freedom of movement his country had.