Minister of Sports, Culture, and Labor Ramon Lee of Armenia

Lee was away at college, in UCLA, but he returned to his sisters side to grieve a loss that, unsolved and unresolved, he has never really understood.
Lee is nearly burned up in a fire.
Lee is over at Cass' when a bunch of friggin' maniacs run in and punch him in the groin.
Lee meets his father again, but it isn't exactly the happiest reunion and he feels trapped and blackmailed by people who may or may not mean well.
Then Lee meets Ali and makes smart remarks.
Lee has a rotten day and a worse dream as his father's coma stretches on.
Lee meets Harry who has a lot more practice complaining about schools - and doing something about it.
Lee has to cover at the store again and finally meets Peter, who is not appropriate for the campaign.
BREAKING! Lee finds out he has powers!! DEVELOPING!! By the way, he hates it.
Lee was in the Dark Future, where he was just as irrelevant to everything as usual, but was at least happier.
the appellee Lee had already established his rights to membership fee certificate 201 in the aforesaid civil case and, therefore, this interpleader suit would compel him to establish his rights anew, and thereby increase instead of diminish litigations, which is one of the purposes of an interpleader suit, with the possiblity that the benefits of the final judgment in the said civil case might eventually be taken away from him; and because the Corporation allowed itself to be sued to final judgment in the said case, its action of interpleader was filed inexcusably late, for which reason it is barred by laches or unreasonable delay.
Two drivers arrested Wednesday after a crash that left a San Ramon girl in critical condition allegedly left work that day planning to have a street race, Contra Costa County sheriff's spokesman Jimmy Lee said Friday.
Scared Monkeys: please do not stop sending the News from Aruba, this is a disgraced country, and their politicians are worse, since the Natalee Holloway case, I had never heard from this Aruba, but now, I always look for everything bad to happen to them, sorry for that, for the rest of the population, but if Natalee is never found, one way or another, this country will never, ever be blessed with tourism and prosperity.
Diario on Nov 16 states that Lee is the culprit in the sexual assault.
He didnt say though that Lee is the offender.
If Natalee had been kidnapped by a foreign GOVERNMENT then we could intervene but not with street crime.
An arraignment has not yet been scheduled, Lee said Thursday.