Minister of Justice Rudy Croes of Armenia

Second rate police team"Recently Aruba's justice minister Rudy Croes said that Dutch police commissioner Jan van der Straten had delayed the start of investigations in order to protect his friend, Joran's father Paulus van der Sloot, who was working for the Justice Ministry on Aruba at the time.
Croes said that he was the victim of a "misinformation campaign.
Justice-minister Rudy Croes has sent him a written order.
Minister Croes said that there now is a tremendous Aruban prosecutor, who works in Curacao, who has just been asked to come to Aruba to give a hand, to do an independent investigation of the investigation which took place, where she will find all the documents.
Arubas Minister of Justice,  Minister Rudy Croes has announced an independent investigation into the conduct of Aruban police shortly after Natalee Holloways disappearance.
Mr Croes said former commissioner Jan van de Straten did this to help his friend Paul van der Sloot, the father of the chief suspect in the US high school graduates disappearance.
Dutchman Jan van der Straten, who was police commissioner on the Caribbean island of Aruba when US teenager Natalee Holloway disappeared, seriously hindered the investigation in the first few days, Aruban justice minister Rudy Croes is quoted as saying by news agency ANP.
Croes said that Joran and two other suspects were only taken in for questioning 10 days after Holloway went missing ‘when the first days are crucial in a disappearance.
Breaking News there wascronyism and a cover up in Aruba in theinvestigation of missingNatalee Holloway.
Nearly three and a half years later after Alabama teen Natalee Holloway went missing on Aruba, Aruban Justice Minister Rudy Croes has finally come out and stated what all of US knew all along.
Croes finds it suspicious that when there was a lot of telephone traffic between Paul van der Sloot and chief-investigator Van der Straten.
this would be very funny if there was no missing girl.
Looks like Croes is spitefull towards van Straaten as he commented negatively on Croess ministry.
It also looks like Croes is covering his -ss because he knows the outcome of the investigation and Joran is to be finally acquited due to lack of evidence.
What might have been missed here is that Croes has elevated the level of corruption one more step up the ladder above the Police Dept.
Mr Croes had personal knowledge of these facts and he chose to remain silent for 3 1/2 years.
Pretty poor that Croes is finally coming out with what he considers to be news, and we Monkeys had figured out 3 years ago.
Justice-minister Rudy Croes says that the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba was messed up by Jan van der Straten in the first ten days to help his friend Paul van der Sloot to protect his suspected son Joran.
However, the only reason why Justice-minister Rudy Croes is coming forward with these accusations at this time against Jan van der Straten is because Croes now that he feels attacked by the former chief of police.
Yes, that very same Justice Ministry that Rudy Croes was the minister of.
The Aruban Justice Minister, Rudy Croes was actually going to wait until he retired before he was going to say anything regarding the outright mishandling and miscarriage of justice provided for Natalee Holloway and her family.
If I remember correctly, it is considered o.
If Rudy Croes was van der Stratens superior, why the hell did he allow the favoritism in the first place? Im assuming the Minister of Justice would be over the police force, better known as the Key Stone Koppers in Aruba.
Justice-minister Rudy Croes says this now that he feels attacked by the former chief of police and the first investigation leader of the case.
Since Tylergal always maintained that Rudy Croes was the number one Dirty Hand.
Published: Friday 12 December 2008 16:41 UTCLast updated: Friday 12 December 2008 16:41 UTCAruba's Justice Minister Rudy Croes has announced an independent probe into the early stages of the police investigation regarding the disappearance of US teenager Natalee Holloway in 2005.
Natalee Holloway Missing in Aruba: Justice Minister Rudy Croes Says Van der Straten Delayed the Start of Investigations to Protect Van der Sloot (Cronyism Cover Up)Breaking News there was cronyism and a cover up in Aruba in the investigation of missing Natalee Holloway.
php?news_id=3 IS ARUBA’S GOVERNMENT COVERING UP AGAIN?????? The Minister of “Justice” in Aruba by the name of Rudy Croes has every opportunity to question the Holloway investigation to assure that there is justice in Aruba even against the people that he did favors for and those he received favors from (the Dutch judicial officials.
The minister of justice Rudy Croes is attacking Alexander Mathew, the politicians and the senators in the local newspapers based upon lies.
But Hendrik Croes has to admit the procedures were not stainless.
Aruba's Justice Minister Rudy Croes has announced an independent probe into the early stages of.
Justice Minister Rudy Croes is known for his critical attitude towards the Dutch, Aruba's former coloniser.
Croes was the one that told FOX that blood had been found in Deepak's car.
Croes was also the one that prohibited Dompig and Jannsen from speaking to the media and got his hand slapped by the PM for it.
there is an allegation that Croes has been making for a long time, that it's been investigated twice by outside investigators, and there's no proof.
gwen wrote: Croes was the one that told FOX that blood had been found in Deepak's car.
Croes was the one that stated that the investigation was at a critical stage.
Croes was also the one that released to FOX that someone had confessed.
Croes was also the one that asked the family and the media to not release any info to the media.
Police Superintendent Jan van der Straaten told the AP Croes was detained based on information from one of the other three detainees.
Croes finds it suspicious that there was a lot of telephone contact between Paul van der Sloot and the head of the investigation Van der Straten.
Rudy Croes is bad; Brinkman is bad, any who want resolution are bad, but those that want their BS out there are great.
Croes is of the opinion that now that the case against the suspects Joran and the brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe has brought no results, the Prosecution should also consider other scenarios.