Minister for Employment Participation Brendan O'connor of Australia

Shortly after the election of Kevin Rudd to the office of federal Labor leader and Leader of the Opposition on 4 December 2006, O'Connor was appointed Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Industrial Relations.
Brendan O'Connor is a journalist, television personality and former comedian.
O'Connor is known for his conservative right-wing political views, and puts these across in his articles in the Sunday Independent.
O'Connor has described Bertie Ahern as "a great Taoiseach.
Bertie is a party leader who has knowingly promoted crooked colleagues in the past.
However, criticism of Ahern by O'Connor has been minimal and, overall, O'Connor has overwhelmingly backed Ahern, especially when such support was most needed.
O'Connor supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
O'Connor describes himself as "a rocker, a raver and a lover.
O'Connor has also been accused of racism - especially against travellers and immigrants.
But is it? O'Connor said it depends on the question.
O'Connor said several very large banking sites are currently using one commercial image file system.
O'Connor said as a phisher, "I can not only impersonate the bank, now I know that this user ID uses this image, so there's obvious ways for misuse there.
O'Connor said you won't necessarily see these added challenge questions or images if you use the same machine for your online banking sessions.
Again, pretending to be the operator of a phishing site, O'Connor said he was able to capture the so-called unique information from one of his machines and simply paste that into the Javascript request on another machine.
By combining either the challenge question or the security image associated with a given user and the device fingerprint, O'Connor said he, as the operator of a phishing site, could then request from the bank a persistent cookie.
O'Connor said "An analogy I like to use is a store doesn't just put security guards at the front door to see who's going in.
Brendan O'Connor tweeted, "@baroquebobcat Nope, the train.
Brendan O'Connor is now at Highland, St.
Brendan O'Connor tweeted, "Published a new blog post: Observation.
Brendan O'Connor tweeted, "In Helena, MT for the inauguration; unlike some other Capitols I could name, this one allows its citizens entry.
Brendan O'Connor was born in rural Queensland.
For the men who were with him that day, Master Sergeant O'Connor is a savior," said Adm.
O'Connor was instrumental in keeping his team alive during an intense battle with more than 250 Taliban fighters in southern Afghanistan on June 22, 2006.
O'Connor is the second Soldier to be awarded the DSC for actions taken in Operation Enduring Freedom.
O'Connor was almost to the three men when the Taliban launched an all-out effort to kill him.
MSG O'Connor was now the Team Sergeant and rallied the SF Soldiers to keep repelling the Taliban attacks.
Master Sergeant Brendan O'Connor received the Distinguished Service Cross, our nation's second highest award for valor, for his actions.
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Brendan O'Connor is an associate in the New York office of Latham Watkins, where he is a member of the Corporate Department.
Brendan O'Connor is a regular on RTÉ television.