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Christopher Robert Evans was born on June 13, 1981 in Sudbury, Massachusetts, the son of Lisa, a dancer, and Bob Evans, a dentist.
Evans has also finished working on a supernatural thriller, Push, along with Dakota Fanning and Camilla Belle.
Chris Evans is the youngest child of Martin, a bookmaker (died in 1980 from colon cancer), and Minnie, who managed a cornershop.
After the death of his father, 13-year-old Evans took part-time work in one of the chain of T.
After leaving Padgate at aged 16, Evans had a number of dead-end jobs in and around his native Warrington, including a private detective agency and notoriously as a "Tarzan-ogram.
Until 1984 Evans had three jobs: as an assistant to Timmy Mallett, and playing a character on his show called 'Nobby Nolevel' ('No 'O' Level'); acting as a disc jockey in the evenings at local pubs when he was not at Piccadilly Radio; and still working in the newsagents, opening up daily at 05:00 to sort out the newspaper deliveries.
In early 1991, due to television commitments with BSkyB, Evans took over presenting his show Round At Chris', every Saturday morning from 10:00 a.
Allowed to create the "zoo" format he was previously banned from performing on Radio 1, Evans was treated with kid gloves by his friend, Radio 1 controller Matthew Bannister.
Beginning to think he was indispensable at Radio 1, the first big falling-out with management came in December 1995, after taking his crew out on a 17 hour pub-crawl which ended two hours before they were due on air: Evans was fined one day's pay, £7,000.
Evans was then hired by Virgin Radio to host its breakfast show, prompting an immediate upsurge in listening figures to the station 1.
As a result, on 20 June Evans was followed throughout the day by the tabloid newspaper photographers, and undertook an "18-hour bender" which started after his show at 9.
Evans was replaced by the older Steve Penk, whom Evans criticised for his age - 39 versus Evans's then 35.
Giving his ruling at the High Court, Evans was publicly criticised for his attitude by the judge, who said of Evans: "He has the temperament of a prima donna.
Evans said publicly that if this show failed he would set up a market stall.
True to his word, Evans was pictured at the end of the final show with a market stall and later he opened it for real at Stables Market, Camden.
The show was well received by listeners and critics, and Evans was announced as the successor to Radio 2's drivetime show on Thursday 2 March 2006 to succeed long-time host Johnnie Walker, beginning on 18 April.
RAJAR audience figures published in August 2006 showed Evans had 150,000 fewer listeners than his predecessor's last show but was on par with previous years.
In May 2006, Evans was named music radio personality of the year at the annual Sony Radio Academy Awards, defeating rivals Jamie Theakston, Lauren Laverne, Marc Riley and Tim Lovejoy to win.
Evans was voted the 82nd most influential media personality in The Guardian newspapers 2007 pool.
Evans has also provided the voice of rock star Lennie Lazenby in the children's animated series Bob the Builder.
Evans has a daughter, Jade (born 1986), by former girlfriend Alison Ward.
Evans married Carol McGiffin in 1991; but their 1994 split was not amicable and McGiffin has been scathing about Evans in newspaper articles in the years since; they were divorced in 1997.
During his time at BBC Radio1 and Virgin, Evans had well publicised relationships with Kim Wilde, model Rachel Tatton-Brown (whose sister was a researcher on The Big Breakfast), production assistant Suzi Aplin, Anthea Turner, Geri Halliwell, and Melanie Sykes.
A fanatical golfer who plays with a handicap of 4, Evans met professional golfer, part-time model and columnist for Golf Punk magazine Natasha Shishmanian, when they became golf partners in the All*Star Cup celebrity tournament in Newport - Evans gave his 17-year-old caddy Natalie Harrison at the event a £10,000 Russian Kristall Smolensk diamond he won for the quality of his play.
Evans married Shishmanian in a London Registry office on Saturday 11 August 2007, and held a reception in Faro, Portugal the following weekend attended by ex-wife Piper.
A fan of fast cars, and particularly Ferraris, Evans was banned for 56 days in 2001 and fined £600 after admitting to a charge at Staines Magistrates Court for being stopped by Surrey Police after racing at 105mph on the A3 road in Esher in January 2001.
In August 2002 Evans was a member of crew aboard the sailing yacht Nausicaa with six other people, when James Ward - landlord of the White Horse in Hascombe, Surrey, which was then Evans' local - drowned in an accident in the Solent.
BBC GLR The Greenhouse Mondays - Thursdays 7.
Christopher Robert Evans was born on June 13th, 1981 in Sudbury, Massachusetts to a father who works as a dentist and a mother who is a dancer.
Chris Evans is also popularly mistaken for the British DJ, Chris Evans.
Chris Evans has definitely been pretty successful in Hollywood, making it big than any of your average stars.
Evans – whose younger brother Scott is gay – thinks it is “appalling� for homosexuals in California to be denied the right to wed, and hopes the change of Government will work in favor of gay couples.
Chris Evans mini-bio Christopher Robert Evans was born on June 13th, 1981 in Sudbury, Massachussetts to a father who works as a dentist and a mother who is a dancer.
Chris Evans was born on June 13, 1981 in Sudbury, Massachusetts and was raised in Boston.
Chris Evans is Lo's love interest, David Strathairn her alcoholic pop, and Ellen Burstyn her mom.
Evans took off his shirt and won over legions of fans.
Chris Evans Discusses "Street Kings"Chris Evans was a novice at handling guns before taking on the role of Robbery Homicide Detective Paul Diskant in "Street Kings," a gritty drama set in Los Angeles and directed by David Ayer.
Evans has played a fiery superhero, a teen heartthrob, and the member of an elite crew trying to save the Sun, but had never before had to use a gun in a film role.
News: Chris Evans Supports Gay Marriage Chris Evans Avoids Gay BarsMore News BiographyBorn June 13, 1981 - A handsome young actor whose breakout role as a popular jock in Not Another Teen Movie found him in high demand, Chris Evans followed with a role in the moderately successful comedy The Perfect Score before truly coming into his own before the cameras.
dancer, Chris Evans lived quite a comfortable childhood.
Christopher Robert Evans was born on June 13, 1981 in Sudbury, Massachusetts.
JESSICA BIEL's ex-boyfriend CHRIS EVANS has found love with Cuban model VIDA GUERRA.
Raised in Boston, Chris Evans took up performing in high school and after graduation, went to New York where he started training at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.
If audiences had wondered where Evans had disappeared to in the following few years, their curiosities were answered when the young actor took a leading role in the moderately successful comedy The Perfect Score.
Evans had a "Hollywood arrival" party as the typical jock in Not Another Teen Movie and fueled this new popularity with roles in The Paper Boy, Exposed and, most notably, The Perfect Score with Scarlett Johansson.
Reputed to have dated hottie Jessica Biel, Evans joined her in the thriller Cellular, also co-starring Kim Basinger.
Considered a real heartthrob by tweens and teens, Evans has the youth and energy to attract a lot of ladies.
Before the year was out, Evans was also involved in the film The Newcomers, which was about a family forced to adjust after moving from the big city to a small town.
Following the smash hit spoof, Evans was slated to have a recurring role in the new TV series Eastwick in 2002, but the pilot was never picked up by FOX.
Born in Sudbury, Massachusetts on June 13, 1981, to a dentist and a dancer, Chris Evans lived quite a comfortable childhood At home he had a supportive family and in high school he was considered a popular guy, with loads of friends and a busy social life.
He had always been interested in acting and, after some of his older friends moved to New York to try their hand at the craft, Evans was convinced he should put in the same effort.
Working the phones and talking to agents, Evans came away from that summer with a lot of contacts and some inspiration.
Knowing what he was capable of, Evans took the disappointment in stride and even landed a guest role on an episode of (the modern-day) The Fugitive in 2000.
The movie did quite well and, along with Jaime Pressly and Mia Kirshner, Evans was now viewed as a young promising actor.
chris evans in cellular and fantastic four Fortunately, Chris Evans was luckier on the big screen: after a role in 2003's short film The Paper Boy, he joined Erika Christensen and Scarlett Johansson in 2004's teen thriller The Perfect Score.
According to Wikipedia: Chris Evans is an English radio and television presenter and producer.
Chris Evans Brother Scott Evans is Gay Is Scott Evans Gay? , Is Chris Evans Brother Scott Evans a Gay? Yes Scott Evans is Gay.
Watch Chris Evans Brother Scott Evans Gay Photos, Chris Evans Brother Scott Evans is Gay , Chris Evans Brother (Scott) is Gay and Just as Hot, Finding aid of the Eric Scott Evans and Jerome Maxwell Strum Papers, And Many more.
Fantastic Four star Chris Evans has come out in support of gay marriage - insisting it is appalling for homosexuals in America to be denied the right to wed.
Fantastic Four Star Chris Evans is forced to avoid nights out with his gay brother - in case the press begin to speculate about his own sexuality.
Chris Evans is a serious actor but that doesnt mean he wants you to stop objectifying him.
Media Monkey: Chris Evans was driving home when he noticed a patrol car with its flashing lights on, but doing a leisurely 40mph and going nowhere fast when.
Actor and former Morning Goods hottie Chris Evans has an openly gay brother who he openly talks about! Only problem? The Fantastic Four actor wont go to gay bars with him.
Fantastic Four star Chris Evans has lent his support to gay marriage issues.
But, as it turns out, Chris Evans has hidden depths.
In early 1991, due to television commitments with BSkyB, Evans took over presenting his show Round At Chris', every Saturday morning from 10am-1pm, which he continued to present until April 1993.
In April 1993 Evans joined Virgin Radio as part of its original line up to host a Saturday morning show called 'The big red mug show.
The distinction of being the first quizmaster to give away a million-pound prize is often erroneously ascribed to Chris Tarrant on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, however Evans was in fact first by more than ten months.
In April 1995 Evans joined BBC Radio 1 to host the flagship breakfast show, and significantly boosted the ratings which had declined considerably since the departure of Simon Mayo two years earlier.
When Evans found out that they were a ratings disaster, he quickly got in touch with BBC Radio 1 management to ask whether he could take back the show again.
Evans was publicly criticised for his attitude by the judge.
Virgin Radio countersued and Evans was ordered to pay £1m towards their legal costs.
Last Night 13th August 2007, Chris Evans was the presenter of the George Michael Documentary, filming him as he was preparing to do the Wembley Stadium Gig.
Evans was born in Sudbury, Massachusetts, the son of Lisa, a dancer, and Bob Evans, a dentist.
Evans is of Italian and Irish descent and is a Catholic.
Born on June 13, 1981 in Framingham, MA, Christopher Robert Evans was the second of three children born to a dentist father and a dancer mother.
Sure enough, when Evans was ready to make the move, one of them agreed to take Evans on as a client.
Evans had small parts on television series such as Boston Public and The Fugitive and a role in the TV series Opposite Sex before landing his first notable role as Jake Wyler in Not Another Teen Movie.
Luckily, Evans was able to leave the inane teen comedy roles behind later that year with a starring role in the kidnapping thriller, “Cellular” (2004.
Evans has worked opposite some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Kim Basinger, Diane Lane, Scarlett Johansson, William H.
Next up for Evans was the role of Diskant in Street Kings, co-starring Keanu Reeves, and Jimmy in The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond, co-starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Ellen Burstyn and David Strathairn.
Evans is also working on a supernatural thriller, Push, along with Dakota Fanning and Camilla Belle.
Fantastic Four star Chris Evans whose younger brother Scott is gay has recently become a vocal advocate of gay marriage, saying it’s ‘appalling’ that homosexuals in this country aren’t allowed to get married.