Minister for Small Business, Independent Contractors, and the Service Economy Craig Emerson of Australia

Emerson was an economic analyst with the United Nations, an economic adviser to the Minister for Resources and Energy and the Minister for Finance, an Assistant Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and economic and environmental adviser to the Prime Minister (Bob Hawke), before coming Director-General of the Queensland Department of Environment in 1990.
Emerson was appointed Shadow Minister for the Service Economy, Small Business and Independent Contractors in December 2006.
On 3 December 2007, Emerson was named Minister for Small Business, Independent Contractors and the Service Economy in the newly elected Rudd ministry.
EDMOND ROY: As the debate continues to rage on how Australia's ageing population will affect the nation's future Budgets, Labor backbencher Craig Emerson has revived the contentious and politically unpopular idea of nursing home bonds.
Dr Emerson says he wants co-payments extended in aged care for the wealthy and he adds, they shouldn't be obligatory, but should be allowed for willing, wealthy Australians, with some of the proceeds used to cross-subsidise high quality care for poorer residents.
ALEXANDRA KIRK: Like Liberal newcomer, Malcolm Turnbull, Labor's Craig Emerson is stirring the policy pot.
But Craig Emerson says it's a debate that must occur considering the impending economic consequences of population ageing.
Byline: Mark Davis Dec 11, 2006 (The Sydney Morning Herald - ABIX via COMTEX) -- Australian Labor Party frontbencher Craig Emerson says that his.
Craig Emerson is the Minister for Small Business.
Craig Emerson is the Minister for Small Business in the Rudd Government.
How does quoting dodgy %u201Cgreen-wash%u201D claims in advertising support the case Mr Emerson is trying to make? That%u2019s what advertising is all about in our market economy.
This to me is what Emerson is doing in this piece.
For example, Emerson states In some cities, up to 80 per cent of glass collected for recycling actually ends up in landfill because the cost of separating the different colours of glass is too high.
Labor frontbencher Craig Emerson has accused Prime Minister John Howard of disliking Asians and putting personal prejudices ahead of Australia's national interest on trade policy.
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including Alsace, Lorraine, Bordeaux, Dijon, Cannes, and Paris.
Craig Emerson is the Minister for Small Business in the Rudd Government and Member for Rankin.
Emerson is the policy star in the Labor Party.
Craig Emerson has a PhD and a master's degree in economics.
Emerson came dressed as that day's dinner with a rehearsed political message on the hated Tony Abbott and what Labor and gullible journalists kept calling "revelations" about Abbott's $100,000 "slush fund" to do Pauline Hanson in politically.
Emerson's problem was that when Tony Abbott began openly pursuing Hanson in June and July of 1998, after One Nation's stunning vote in the Queensland state election that year, Emerson was not in the Federal Parliament.
Despite the cuts to the Federal Government’s Commercial Ready program, the Federal Small Business Minister Craig Emerson has dismissed claims that the budget has ignored small business and Australia’s innovative start-up culture.
We have a national innovation review underway that’s due to report in the middle of the year, and the review intends to bring about a national innovation system,” Emerson said on the sidelines of a conference in Melbourne yesterday.
Emerson said that telecommunications expert and CSIRO director Terry Cutler’s review would build upon the findings of the Productivity Commission, which expressed concern about the Commercial Ready program.
The fact that economically this is an appalling formulation of a regulation is attested to by the fact that Labors Craig Emerson has a go at in The Australian, and good on him for that.
However, at the start of the article, it strikes me that Emerson is guilty of possibly misrepresenting Alan Moran of the IPA.
Indeed, even the media quote from Moran which Emerson was probably referring to doesnt indicate support for the original Joyce provision.
respect their decision and ensure they were fairly rewarded.
contractors in the workforce and 1.
Mr Emerson has a swag of high profile jobs under his belt, including stints as a United Nationals analyst, Hawke government adviser, Queensland environment department director-general and South-East Queensland transit authority chief executive.
To create those conditions Mr Emerson says a tough budget is on the cards.
Mr Emerson says opportunities are growing for small businesses to expand their horizons and exploit emerging markets overseas.
Mr Emerson says the government wants to support small business by making the marketplace fairer.
Mr Emerson says dealing with a plethora of small business industry groups is a challenge.
Now in government Mr Emerson is sticking to the government's line on the link between business borrowing costs and inflation.
Emerson has also explained his reasoning behind wanting to change the Birdsville amendment introduced by Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce.
Emerson is worried the Birdsville amendment may catch out small businesses.
Dr Emerson denied he had attacked his leader, but a furious Mr Crean blasted his industry and trade spokesman, publicly calling him naive, and ordered him to focus on his portfolio.
In a discussion paper given to caucus colleagues and leaked, Dr Emerson said the opposition was behaving "like a government in exile, waiting for our time to return.
Sources said Dr Emerson had not been seeking to undermine Mr Crean and remained a strong supporter.
Federal Small Business Minister Craig Emerson has said the government will introduce a 30 day time limit for departments and agencies to pay their small business suppliers, reports The Australian Financial Review.