Ambassador to the US Dennis Richardson of Australia

Richardson was first elected in 2002 after defeating incumbent (and fellow Republican) Cheryl Walker in a contentious race.
Richardson was involved in reforming the state employee retirement system (PERS) during the 72nd Legislative Session.
Richardson has stated that his intent was not to equate the two, but he was simply introducing the two topics his newsletter dealt with that week.
Richardson has led three trade missions to the People's Republic of China.
On August 7, 2008 it was announced that Richardson had been named to the Board of Directors for the Asian Education Foundation, a Portland, Oregon based group that promotes Asian language education in Oregon.
Dennis Richardson was a fictional character on the long-running Channel 4 British television soap opera Hollyoaks.
Dennis Richardson was named Australian Ambassador to the United States in June 2005.
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Dennis Richardson discusses the impact House Joint Resolution 18 would have i.
Representative Dennis Richardson discusses the fiscal impact of the REAL ID act on.
Oregon State Representative Dennis Richardson discusses the House Republican Orego.
Richardson was invited to fill in and the result was his first professional recording session.
Richardson was added to the lineup.
During spring 2000, Richardson was recording sides on Minister Al Matlock and Vanessa Jordan.
Dennis Richardson is no stranger to art glass.
Richardson is quite an intelligent man.
Do you know what else happened today that was tragic? Dennis Richardson was allowed to continue to serve in public office.
Richardson is entitled to his own (stupid and wrong) opinions.
Richardson is a leader of the Republican caucus.
If Richardson had only meant for the word "tragic" to apply to the VT murders, then he would have said, "A Tragic Day.
Richardson was talking about two completely separate subjects.
It's not like this is the first completely wingnut thing Richardson has ever said or written.
I can certainly understand why you'd want to dissuade people from believing that what Richardson said is not what he meant, but I'd encourage people to follow the link that Kari thoughtfully provided and make up their own minds.
30 Report John Howard said Dennis Richardson supports his claim that Australia's involvement in the war in Iraq has not made Australia more of a terrorist target.
JOHN HOWARD: The point being that as Dennis Richardson said in that speech of last year, that for the long term intent and purposes of al-Qaeda, Iraq is irrelevant.
In that speech, Dennis Richardson stated that threat levels in respect of some specific foreign interests and some specific defence facilities in Australia were raised because of the war in IraqAnd in August last year, Dennis Richardson was stating that it was still too early to conclude that Iraq had not made Australia a bigger target for terrorists.
In his role as ASIO Director-General, Dennis Richardson has kept a low profile, but this morning, he took to the stage to tell the audience Australia's often criticised anti-terrorism laws are justified.
Richardson is going to be a tough a nut to crack.
Sounds like Richardson is their kind of guy.
His former aide admits he probably thinks it's a tragedy, and Richardson is known for outrageous, senseless, factless commentary on gay rights.
Richardson has apologized for what he agreed was a poor construction.
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Richardson has been a resident of Southern Oregon since 1979.