Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services, and Indigenous Affairs Jenny Macklin of Australia

Macklin was a researcher at the Australian National University in 1976-78, an economics research specialist with the Parliamentary Library in Canberra 1978-81, Research Coordinator at the Labour Resource Centre in Melbourne 1981-85, an adviser to the Victorian Minister for Health 1985-88, director of the federal government's National Health Strategy 1990-93 and director of the Australian Urban and Regional Development Review 1993-95.
On her election to Parliament, Macklin was immediately elected a member of the Opposition Shadow Cabinet, where she served in a number of roles, including Shadow Minister for Aged Care, Social Security and the Status of Women.
After the ALP's defeat at the 2001 election, Macklin was elected Deputy Leader to Simon Crean.
Macklin was once again elected to the Shadow frontbench, and was appointed Shadow Minister for Families Community Services and Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Reconciliation.
Ms Macklin said the leases would be wedded to the economic life of assets on the island.
But Ms Macklin said the lease period was the same as that signed by GEMCO, which mines manganese on Groote Eylandt and had expressed no reluctance to invest under a 40-year lease.
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MARK COLVIN: Opposing the package, Labor's education spokeswoman, Jenny Macklin, says it would burden graduates with too much debt.
WHAT Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin was really saying in her 2008 Eddie Mabo Lecture, in her very nice way, was this: you, Aboriginal Australia, have won, through land rights and native title, interests in 20 per cent of Australia.
When Macklin said that we run the risk of becoming sidetracked by the tired old debate of ideology versus pragmatism, it appeared she might have been addressing the tired old idealists in her own party.
Macklin said native title holders and claimants have access to significant economic and commercial leverage through the procedural rights set out inthe Native Title Act.
Macklin said native title's legal and anthropological processes defied comprehension.
When Macklin says that payments which flow to indigenous companies and trusts must be distributed and invested equitably and effectively in the interests of both current and future generations, she deserves support.
politics, australia, au-news, northern-territory, indigenous-affairs, intervention, federal-government, jenny-macklin10 Macklin begins moves to fix housing shortageDec 26 - Seeded by Red WolfSource: Australian Broadcasting CorporationFederal Community Services Minister Jenny Macklin says there is a great need to expand the number of homeless shelters in Australia.
Aboriginal affairs minister Jenny Macklin was yesterday given a statement signed by 236 members of the 914-strong Yuendumu community.
The Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs Jenny Macklin said sport can play a powerful role.
JENNY Macklin has slapped down ambitions for a new indigenous representative body to have legislative powers.
Community Services Minister Jenny Macklin said she anticipated that even more people would apply for the pension in the new year More Jenny Macklin New Stories Our Great Southern Land: The only time youll find that.
Jenny Macklin is federal Labor's spokeswoman on education, employment, training and science.
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Ms Macklin says reallocating the money will mean 95 per cent of schools will get more federal funding.
Jenny Macklin, deputy leader ALPDespite a pounding from talkback radio and the Government saying the policy is based on the politics of envy, Ms Macklin is buoyed by the reception she receives during a visit to a disadvantaged Catholic school in Brisbane's south, Our Lady of Fatima, which has 150 students from pre-school to year 7.
Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin has defended spending cuts on the Northern Territory indigenous intervention, saying the Government would boost funding as on-the-ground resources including teachers and nurses become available.
Ms Macklin said the Government would still spend $666 million in the territory and add "new initiatives in the Northern Territory to those which are part of the intervention.
But Ms Macklin said the initial intervention outlay was higher because it involved set-up costs.
In a wide-ranging speech, Macklin discussed the problem of "pervasive cynicism" with the political process.
Macklin said that shadow ministers are developing a series of consultation plans for their portfolios, including such things as policy and community forums, site visits to workplaces, businesses, educational institutions and community projects, ALP Branch meetings to discuss policy issues, and formal presentations to the Shadow Cabinet from policy experts.
who have been queuing at her door.
cabinet meets in Canberra tomorrow.
resolved ahead of the shadow cabinet meeting.
the next federal election takes place in 2007.
Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin has appealed to all parliamentarians to support the government's apology to the stolen generations, although they are not yet able to see it.
Ms Macklin said the official government apology would allow members of the stolen generations and their families to heal, which would help the government's efforts to address high levels of disadvantage and close the 17-year gap in life expectancy.
Ms Macklin said Prime Minister Kevin Rudd met with Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson on Wednesday night on the matter.
Ms Macklin was then shown through the impressive Painting the Future: Gifts fromCountry Aboriginal Art Exhibition currently on show in the Resource Centre exhibition area.
Following the viewing Ms Macklin met with Sally Clark Lecturer/Acting Assistant Coordinator Nursing Program, Clare Scanlon Acting Assistant Coordinator Education, Coordinator Aboriginal Studies John Bucknell, Sr Carmel Posa Coordinator Theology and Head of VET Catherine Maughan and VET Student Services Administration Assistant Pauline McKenzie.
Taking the time to speak to VET students, Jenny Macklin is pictured with Certificate III in Education students Stuart Ingie and Kaylene Thompson.
Jenny Macklin said in a statement on Wednesday that details of the incident were being hidden.
20/12/08 Jenny Macklin has slapped down ambitions for a new indigenous representative body to have legislative powers, declaring the Rudd Government has no intention of creating ÔÇťanother ATSIC.
Pension queue grows as tough times begin to biteDewi Cooke January 10, 2009 A SURGE in the number of older Australians signing up for the age pension is expected to continue as the effects of the global financial crisis set in.
Community Services Minister Jenny Macklin said she anticipated that even more people would apply for the pension in the new year following a 50 per cent rise in.
A spokeswoman for Families Minister Jenny Macklin said the expenditure complied with the Government's new guidelines on campaign advertising and was approved by the Auditor-General.
But Families Minister Jenny Macklin says she's confident the money will be spent, and spent responsibly.
Ms Macklin said the package would help boost jobs in the wake.
Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin has confirmed the Government will pay for radio advertising in seven indigenous languages, information pamphlets and letters to indigenous organisations to.