Special Minister of State John Faulkner of Australia

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John Faulkner was also an accomplished, self-taught painter.
Pro Reviews: NomadsAll Music GuideFeaturing a seven-track "concept side" concerning the Highland clearances in Scotland, Faulkner is joined by many friends, including Dolores Keane.
BiographyJohn FaulknerMulti-instrumentalist John Faulkner has recorded and/or performed with Ewan MacColl's Critic's Group, De Danaan and his ex-wife, Dolores Keane, and as a soloist.
So, Alex, is this an unselfish act then, or a sign that Senator Faulkner is unhappy about another term in opposition?ALEXANDRA KIRK: Well, he says that he already has the bronze medal for the time that a Labor senator has spent as opposition leader in the Senate, he says he doesn't aspire at all to getting the silver or the gold medal.
ELEANOR HALL: As well as being a key powerbroker within the Labor Party, Senator Faulkner has been a relentless interrogator on dozens of committees since he entered the Parliament.
JOHN FAULKNER was born in Leeton in south-western New South Wales on 12 April 1954, but has lived most of his life in Sydney.
Senator Faulkner was also given shadow responsibility for Territories (October 1997-October 1998.
After the 1998 Federal election, Senator Faulkner remained Leader of the Opposition in the Senate with portfolio responsibilities of Shadow Minister for Public Administration and Government Services; and Shadow Minister for Olympic Coordination and the Centenary of Federation.
Multi-instrumentalist John Faulkner has recorded and/or performed with Ewan MacColl's Critic's Group, De Danaan and his ex-wife, Dolores Keane, and as a soloist.
Faulkner was born in Leeton, New South Wales, and was educated at Macquarie University, Sydney, where he graduated in arts and education.
In October 2006 John Faulkner was elected as the National President of the Australian Labor Party until February 2008.
Faulkner chaired the ALP's National Conference in 2007, each of the rotating Presidents will chair the National Executive for one year.
John Faulkner is the Vice-President of the Executive Council, Special Minister of State and Cabinet Secretary in the first Rudd Ministry.
John Faulkner has authored and co-authored several books on the subject of representative government and the history of the Australian Labor Party.
as one of the chapter’s Members of the Year for 2007.
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Profiles) John Faulkner has never been viewed as a significant figure in literary history, possibly because he grew up in the shadow of his brother's fame.
Throughout the carnival, Faulkner describes the activities, sights, and sounds from the eyes of a little boy.
Jackie Daly is best known for his work with De Danann, Buttons & Bows and Patrick while John Faulkner is known for his work with Dolores Keane and the Reel Union.
John Faulkner is a musician and singer/song writer.
For more than 25 years, Faulkner has enjoyed a career as an acclaimed artist, first as a member of the group that gathered around the noted songwriter Ewan MacColl in London during the 1960s and early 70s, and later as a mainstay of Reel Union, the band that John founded with the well-known Irish singer Dolores Keane.
Faulkner has performed and toured extensively throughout the world, in the USA, Canada, Scandinavia, Europe, the Far East and Australia.
SPECIAL Minister of State John Faulkner has defended the use of a taxpayer-funded government unit to promote a $1200-a-table farewell dinner for Robert Ray that depicts the powerbroker as a Labor "godfather.
The event at the Moonee Valley Racing Club, which Senator Faulkner said would only break even, has already secured $36,000 in confirmed bookings and the invitation states that cheques are payable to the ALP national secretariat.
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