Minister for Sport Kate Ellis of Australia

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Kate Ellis is the author of two exciting series of crime novels.
Ellis was born in Melbourne and grew up in rural South Australia along the Murray River, moving to Adelaide for her senior education.
Ellis was elected to the House of Representatives for the Division of Adelaide, South Australia at the 2004 federal election.
In October 2008, Kate Ellis was voted Parliament's "sexiest" MP in a poll of federal MPs conducted by the Courier-Mail newspaper.
KATE ELLIS is a freelance cellist based in Dublin.
Kate Ellis is a consulting producer for American RadioWorks.
Kate Ellis has co-produced an array of award-winning documentaries for American RadioWorks since joining the unit in 2001.
Ellis has since co-produced programs including: Say It Plain: A Century of Great African American Speeches, Thurgood Marshall Before the Court, and The President Calling, a program about the secretly taped phone conversations of presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon.
Ellis has held research fellowships at Boston University's Institute on Race and Social Division, the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, CA, and the Murray Research Center at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University.
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Kate Ellis was born and brought up in Liverpool and she studied drama in Manchester.
Federal Sports Minister Kate Ellis joins Offsiders to discuss the Olympic's economic impact on Australia and the performance of the Australian team.
Sport Minister Kate Ellis said the new laws, that include tough new investigative.
Sport Minister Kate Ellis said Sunday the updated World Anti-Doping Agency code effective on Jan 1 would uncover drug cheats.
Ellis took the defeat in good sporting spirit.
After their divorce, Ellis lived the single mom/academic life, which almost ended when she was attacked at knife point in her apartment building's lobby by a pair of black teenagers.
Kate Ellis is an associate professor of English at Rutgers University in New Jersey.
Ms Ellis said she wanted a national code of conduct to be finalised in the new year, after the success of a Victorian program introduced in April.
However, Ms Ellis said Australians had responded well to advertising campaigns that featured real women rather than stick-thin models, such as the Dove campaign.
Ms Ellis said the government focus on fighting obesity had perhaps tipped the scale too far in the other direction, with more young people experiencing strong societal pressure to be stick-thin.
I believe that Ms Ellis is on the right track.
As usual, Ellis has successfully woven many strands to make the story work.
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Ellis was for a period of seven years (in what is normally a three year course) before she dropped out) simply to pad out a political CV, and is involved purely as a hack, is unrepresentative of students and could be self interested.
As it's a matter of public record, they were free to tell me that no-one by the name of Kate Ellis had ever graduated from that university.
In 5 previous Wesley Peterson police procedurals, Kate Ellis has offered US parallel crimes, one in the present day and one in the past.