Minister for Superannuation and Corporate Law Nick Sherry of Australia

Sherry was born in Kingston upon Thames, England.
Elected to the Senate in 1990, Sherry was Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Primary Industries and Energy in the Keating government 1993-1996.
After a period of recuperation, Sherry was re-elected to the Opposition front bench in November 2001.
On 3 December 2007 Sherry was appointed Minister for Superannuation and Corporate Law in the Rudd ministry.
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But superannuation minister Nick Sherry said in 2007 that would only happen over "my dead body.
The savings wipeout has worried the Government, and Superannuation Minister Nick Sherry said there would be reforms to cut regulatory costs to the industry.
in the next six months for the financial year 2007-08 -- averaging minus 6 per cent," federal Superannuation Minister Nick Sherry said yesterday.
Senator Sherry said yesterday removing the 15 per cent superannuation contribution tax for women would be a way to bring.
The Minister for Superannuation and Corporate Law, Nick Sherry joins Lateline Business to talk about how far the reforms of financial services could go.
Senator Sherry said Mr Keating's 15 per cent reform would be costly for government, possibly as high as $8 billion.
In an interview with The Australian, Senator Sherry said he accepted the existing 9 per cent super guarantee was not adequate.
However, Senator Sherry said one dollar put into a fund six years ago would have been worth $1.
In my working life the fundemental acts of loaning something you did not own and selling something you did not own , was classified as one word , fraudulent.
Senator Nick Sherry discusses pay day loans with Tony Jones.
Sherry was born in Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom.
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Federal Superannuation Minister Nick Sherry says the Government is planning to consolidate lost superannuation accounts automatically using tax file numbers The Federal Government says the number of lost superannuation accounts.
Senator the Hon Nick Sherry was sworn in as Minister for Superannuation and Corporate Law on 3rd December 2007.
SUPERANNUATION Minister Nick Sherry has declared the 9 per cent super guarantee is "not adequate" to deliver a retirement income and says the Federal Government will consider a mandated rise in super contributions.
Speaking in Canberra on Wednesday, Minister for Superannuation and Corporate Law Nick Sherry said the government had already acted swiftly in the wake of market and financial system turmoil, but there was still more to be done.
Senator Sherry said he had referred a number of new matters to the Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee (CAMAC), a statutory body that provides the government with independent advice, to help make a strong system stronger.
Senator Sherry said CAMAC would look into the issue of margin lending, which played an important role in healthy markets, but had the potential to adversely affect companies and investors in uncertain times.
Senator Sherry said the practice was not illegal, but it posed significant moral questions and had the potential to affect market confidence.
Senator Sherry said investors would usually shrug off this speculation, but in volatile times the practice had the potential to further destabilise markets.
Looking ahead at superannuation, which Senator Sherry said had become the great barbecue-stopper of the moment, he said there would be a new focus on fees.
Sherry is passionate about cutting the costs of running super in order to lift the total amount earned for retirement.
Sherry has been a little vague about how he plans to reduce fees and ban trailing commissions.
Sherry came to the position as minister for superannuation after more than 20 years involvement in the industry.
Sherry has pushed a similar theme in recent media interviews.
Sherry is believed to have investigated models used in New Zealand and the UK to provide government mandated super products with low fees.
As Minister he is responsible for policy and administration in the areas of private and commonwealth superannuation, corporate governance and responsibility and financial literacy.
Shadow Minister for Retirement Incomes and Savings from 2001-2004Prior to the 2007 federal election, Senator Sherry was Shadow Minister for Superannuation and Intergenerational Finance; Banking and Financial Services.
Senator Sherry has rung back to have a - I presume, a shot back.
Senator the Hon Nick Sherry is the Minister for Superannuation and Corporate Law in the Rudd Labor Government.
financial services providers and to report annually to ASIC.
ALP Abroad has been able to secure a room at the House of Commons, Westminster for the formal part of the meeting, followed by drinks at the Red Lion, 48 Parliament St, London, SW1A 2NH.
Prior to the 2007 federal election, Senator Sherry was Shadow Minister for Superannuation and Intergenerational Finance; Banking and Financial Services.
Corporate Governance Minister Nick Sherry said the 600 company directors surveyed was only the beginning of research findings.
var RTR_ArticleBlurb = " CANBERRA, Nov 13 (Reuters) - Australia proposes to permanently ban naked short selling of stocks in response to the global financial crisis, and will pass laws for more disclosure for covered short selling, Corporate Law Minister Nick Sherry said on.
regulation and supervision of ratings agencies.
before I got involved with agility.
You have to be smarter than what you’re working with.
Sherry is one of the day students.
Superannuation Minister Senator Nick Sherry has been warning people for months of a possible negative return as a result of the financial turmoil gripping world markets.
Senator Sherry has put the super industry on notice that he is going to a long hard look at the system.
Senator Sherry says fees average 1.
CANBERRA—Superannuation Minister Nick Sherry says he is cautious about using an opt-out system of employee contributions to superannuation because of the complexity it would entail for employers.
Senator Sherry said the adequacy of current superannuation was still a big debate in Australia.