Minister for Health and Aging Nicola Roxon of Australia

Roxon is the middle of three sisters and is also the niece of the late Australian journalist and Sydney Push member Lillian Roxon.
Roxon was also an industrial lawyer and senior associate with the law firm Maurice Blackburn and Co.
Roxon was promoted to the Shadow Ministry after Labor's loss in the 2001 election.
After apologising on behalf of the absent party to the audience of media and health industry figures, Ms Roxon had the debate to herself and made light of the situation by stating that her staff felt she did a good impersonation of Abbott and could play his part.
It seems that the user has signed up to Wikipedia with the sole intent of asserting Roxon is Jewish.
TONY EASTLEY: The Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon has dismissed Access Economics’ report as "confused" and "incomplete.
Nicola Roxon is the Minister for Health.
HEALTH Minister Nicola Roxon has insisted that extra federal funding will boost standards in public hospitals but has refused to comment on whether a crash in private health insurance to be triggered by budget changes will wipe out the gains.
But Ms Roxon said that by the time the insurance threshold change took effect on July 1, the Government would have already increased public hospital funding by $1 billion.
Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon has long championed the need both for better health prevention and more effective use of nurses.
after new laws, designed to ease the tax burden on families, passed through Australia's parliament, Health Minister Nicola Roxon said on Thursday.
If they are pretending to be doctors, I invite nurse practitioners to go to medical school and to do the training required.
Labor's health spokesperson Nicola Roxon says Labor will strengthen Medicare, make dental care affordable, and make sure every child gets a health check when they start school.
Ms Roxon is on the right track with her plans to simplify Medicare,” Dr Capolingua said.
HEALTH Minister Nicola Roxon has accepted responsibility for a bungle that led to her having to sack one of six men's health ambassadors with questions remaining over two others.
anti-discrimination bills as a major step forward.
associate and turned up for the interview wearing Doc Martin shoes.
mother after the death of their father when Roxon was 10.
Roxon describes her father's death as devastating.
from law to Labor politics, Gaudron says.
from joining the dockside picket lines.
Nicola Roxon has yet again failed to deliver on promises to fix health, and spin has become the cover of complete inaction during the Rudd Government’s first year in office.
Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon has announced the breakdown for $750 million to improve emergency hospital departments across the country.
For much of her first year in office, Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon has been embroiled in a short-lived moral panic over binge drinking and a defence of the Governments.
Nicola Roxon has finally clinched the commonwealth-state health agreement, with a massive injection of funds to the states and territories to upgrade the health system.
Nicola Roxon has admitted making a mistake in appointing a mens health ambassador who held offensive anti-gay views.
Roxon was brave enough to say the obvious.
Somewhere in between the custody Inquiry and the gay marriage issue, Nicola Roxon has changed stripes.
I�d add, after the election as well, especially if Nicola Roxon is made Attorney-General.
Mr Albanese and other frontbenchers argued Ms Roxon had gone too far in an attempt to impress a group of Christians, who were unlikely to vote Labor, at the expense of the gay and lesbian community, which had shown the party support.
Why all this unlikely adultation? Roxon had just committed the ALP to support the Government's ban on same sex marriage within the fortnight.
Between 1992 and 1994, Roxon was employed as a judge's associate to High Court Justice Mary Gaudron.
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I am not sure if the readers of this blog have appreciated yet just what a fundamental change in our Primary Health Care delivery system is being proposed by the new Health Minister.
Nicola Roxon has identified many of the major deficiencies in the nations health system and she has set in train various enquiries, commissions, taskforces, consultancies - call them what you will - to gather information and analyse the problems and issues and make recommendations on how they should be addressed.
highlighted how out of touch he is with the community.
establish local boards at public hospitals.
Read more Buck stops with Rudd government on healthNicola Roxon has yet again failed to deliver on promises to fix health, and spin has become the cover of complete inaction during the Rudd Government’s first year in office.
Ms Roxon said the Redland Hospital on Brisbane's Bayside would get a $7 million cash injection to improve services at its Emergency Department.
Read more Roxon announces hospital funding breakdown (ABC)Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon has announced the breakdown for 750 million to improve emergency hospital departments across the country.
If Nicola Roxon is to rescue her shredded reputation she must appoint an LGBT health advisory committee.
That meeting degenerated into a hate-fest and Roxon was pilloried at LGBT community meetings across the country for lending it her credibility.