Minister for the Environment, Heritage, and the Arts Peter Garrett of Australia

Garrett is probably worried about tarnishing his left credentials.
It was a typically stupid question to ask! Peter Garrett is probably a millionaire from the proceeds of royalties from Midnight Oils sales and tours.
After the Labor Party won in the November 2007 election, Garrett was appointed Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.
Garrett was president of the Australian Conservation Foundation (1989-1993, 1998-2004.
In 2000 Garrett was awarded the Australian Humanitarian Foundation Award in the Environment category and in 2001 he received an honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of New South Wales.
In June 2005, Garrett was appointed Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Reconciliation and the Arts.
Garrett has modified many of his earlier views and says he is now a "team player" in the Labor Party.
Peter Garrett is a committed Christian.
Although he firmly supports the separation of church and state, Garrett has commented extensively during his time in Parliament on the implementation of Christian values and how "personal values should and do inform one's day to day thought processes and decision-making.
Garrett was subsequently appointed as Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment Heritage, Arts.
Garrett has been criticised for giving support to the Gunns company's plan to build the Bell Bay Pulp Mill in the environmentally sensitive Tamar Valley, Tasmania.
In the 2007 Federal election, Garrett was re-elected to his seat with a 4.
However, his campaign was fraught with a number of tactical errors, including journalist Steve Price claiming that Garrett had said to him that Labor would simply change all their policies once they got into power.
Garrett is married and has three daughters.
Brown sees red over Garrett 'sell out' - National - smh.
For the last few decades, Peter Garrett has owned one of the strongest voices in Australia! While producing original, politically stirred music with Midnight Oil, his opinions on uranium mining, environmental conservation, and Aboriginal rights have rained loudly upon the ears of the Australian Government.
Peter Garrett was born in Sydney’s North Shore in a middle-class family.
Garrett is one of the people we have listed as a hero in our database.
Howard-government era policy to build a nuclear waste dump.
News that Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett has spent recent days in Hobart without contacting key stakeholders in the debate over the future of Tasmania's environment and forests, highlights a missed opportunity for the Minister to fully understand Tasmanian environmental issues as they relate to his portfolio, according to The Wilderness Society (TWS.
Labor's star recruit Peter Garrett has condemned the federal government for approving joint training facilities in Australia without consultation.
Well, if Mark Latham thinks it's a good idea and that's what the party view is, then there's merit in it.
The end ofthe SMH article you linked to is hilarious: "Mr Garrett denied he had tempered his views to adapt to Labor Party policy.
Before we're to hard on him, we need to allow for the fact that Garrett has never had to actually think before.
As a preservationist, rather than thinking conservationist, Garrett was always able to simply grab an emotive catch cry, then prance his piece in front of the adoring media hacks.
The subtext here is that Garrett was not personally consulted.
Peter Garrett is seven feet of pure liability.
Hang on kids - Garrett said in his first utterings to the press that the Labour party's line would be his line.
Peter Garrett, Australia's answer to Senator Kerry.
Peter Garrett is the Australian Minister for Environmentalism, Selling Out,Dancing Like A Dork and short, jocular converstaions, appointed in 2007.
Garrett was born in The Sixties and immediately blamed the United States.
Throughout the 1990s, Garrett was President of the "Keep Australia Unco" campaign.
In 2004, Garrett was preselected by the Australian Labor Party, despite never having voted and thinking that inner Sydney was "a kind of fish.
Garrett was elected to Parliament, where he can often be seen to this day dancing like a doofus in the main corridors.
Nuclear Power Against under all circumstances Maybe in favour if told to be.
Garrett is considered by many to be Kevin Rudd's natural successor as ALP leader; this cannot be taken too seriously, however, as most Labor politicians think this about themselves.
Garrett is expected to play a key role in Kevin Rudd's front bench, notably helping to destablilise Rudd's leadership when the media gets tired of him.
welcome to ninemsn Video!Search Results for Peter GarrettSearch Results for "Peter Garrett" RSS feedPeter Garrett on climate changeJanuary 31, 2007 Labor environment spokesman Peter Garrett discusses the possible dangers and problems associated with climate change.
Garrett approve pipelineSeptember 12, 2008 Federal Environment Peter Garrett has approved the controversial North-South pipeline.
Labor wont keep promise GarrettNovember 2, 2007 Labor shadow minister Peter Garrett has been accused of saying that Labor will change its policies if it wins government at this months election.
Garrett wages war on plastic bagsJanuary 10, 2008 Environment minister Peter Garrett is aiming to have plastic bags phased out by the end of this year.
Midnight Oil, 'US Forces')NICK GRIMM: Peter Garrett is no doubt well aware that now he's entered politics his record on issues will come under unprecedented scrutiny.
NICK GRIMM: Perhaps the tune might sound much the same, but on issues like pine gap, Peter Garrett is now singing a very different song.
Peter Garrett is widely known as a passionate advocate and essayist on a range of contemporary Australian and global issues.
Tall, bald, craggy and way out there, Peter Garrett is in his own way as much an Australian icon as Uluru.
Garrett had the curriculum vitae Latham wanted: since 1976, frontman for one of Australia's most successful bands, ACF president, member of the international board of Greenpeace, one of the National Trust's Living Treasures, member of the Order of Australia.
Flaws and inconsistencies are already being scrutinised: the fact, for example, that Garrett is hardly a working-class man.
Born in the silvertail Sydney suburb of Wahroonga and educated privately, Garrett has a law degree, earned a reputation as a fearsome negotiator through Midnight Oil's corporate entities, and now lives as a millionaire at Mittagong, a rustic enclave of wealth and privilege west of Sydney, a world away from the eastern suburbs he wants to represent.
In an understated assessment of what Garrett is likely to find, Kernot said: I think he will find some aspects of ALP culture and discipline pretty challenging.
Latham has made it clear he will use federal rules to ensure Garrett is the candidate and, probably within short order, a member of his ministry.
The union's Michael O'Connor said that far from adding value, Garrett was likely to be a liability for Labor, frightening off the people the party was trying to win back from Howard.
But they are united in the view that Garrett is going to face some serious difficulties, both within the party and with his public persona.
The idea of Peter Garrett was Mark's.
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Midnight Oil shocked Australia in the early 80s when Garrett said they refused to appear on popular music show 'Countdown' - Midnight Oil were not showponies, their music had meaning! Some of their popular songs were 'Beds are burning', a challenging demanding song, which states 'the time has come, a facts a fact, the land is theirs, lets give it back', referring to the Australian colonial settlers taking the land from the Aboriginals, 'Black Fella, White Fella' which also examined the plight of the countries Indiginous people, 'Blue Sky Mine', 'Put down that weapon!','the dead heart', 'White belly, black heart' and their anthemic 'The power and the passion.
Peter Garrett is one of Australia's most powerful singers, and what made him even more powerful was the fact that his music carried a message, and listening to it made one think about what they could do to help make this world a better place.
Garrett is running as Labour's Candidate for the Sydney Federal Seat of Kingsford Smith.
Garrett has a long history of working on environmental issues, having been a member of Greenpeace and a past president (twice) of the Australian Conservation Foundation.
AUSTRALIA-arnt we so unbelievebly lucky to have Peter Garrett!!!!No-one else would have had the same amount of passion that Peter Garrett has as the Minister of the Enviroment.
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auThe Federal Opposition says Environment Minister Peter Garrett is trying to hide the fact he has approved construction of the Gunns pulp mill in northern Tasmania.
auFederal Environment Minister Peter Garrett has refused to approve Gunns' planned Tasmanian pulp mill, saying more environmental studies need to be done.
auFederal Environment Minister Peter Garrett has been accused of letting timber giant Gunns off the hook over marine environmental conditions the company must meet before its northern Tasmanian pulp mill project can proceed.
But Environment Minister Peter Garrett has not been briefed by the developer, Gunns.
business, australia, au-news, anz, finance, gunns, corruption, environment, peter-garrett, tasmania40 Garrett rules out bag levyMar 8 - Seeded by Red WolfSource: Australian Broadcasting CorporationFederal Environment Minister Peter Garrett has denied press reports that the Government is planning to introduce a levy of up to $1 for plastic shopping bags.
politics, federal-government, peter-garrett, environment, corruption, conservation, tasmania, gunns20 Garrett cries foul on FOI knockbackOct 24 - Seeded by Red WolfSource: Australian Broadcasting CorporationFederal Labor environment spokesman Peter Garrett has accused the Government of denying him sensitive environment information under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.
politics, bob-brown, peter-garrett, tasmania, gunns, australia, greens10 Labor attacks Turnbull over pulp millAug 30 - Seeded by Red WolfSource: Australian Broadcasting CorporationLabor's environment spokesman Peter Garrett says his Federal Government counterpart is having to play catch-up on the proposed Tasmanian pulp mill, because he chose one of the least comprehensive assessment methods available to him.
world-news, australia, water, greenhouse-emission, peter-garrett108 PM 'convoluted' on climate changeJun 6 - Seeded by Red WolfSource: Australian Broadcasting CorporationLabor environment spokesman Peter Garrett has accused Prime Minister John Howard of being all talk and no action on climate change.
politics, australia, au-news, federal-government, peter-garrett, john-howard, climate-change, elections31 PM 'scaremongering' on economic effects of climate changeJun 3 - Seeded by Red WolfSource: Australian Broadcasting CorporationLabor's environment spokesman Peter Garrett says Prime Minister John Howard is scaremongering on the economic effects of climate change.
Australian Environmental Minister Peter Garrett is a case in point.
Garrett was an activist musician with Midnight Oil he was a man to be proud of, a person to be deeply admired for his dedication to the cause of conservation.
How was I to know in November 2007 that Peter Garrett had been turned to the service of the darkside? He seemed like the knight-errant of modern Australian politics, a man of integrity and courage ready to fight for justice and the planet.
Garrett is also not doing today?I especially like what Mr.
Garrett said in the conclusion of his statement of September 2007.
At least Mr Garrett has had a lesson in real politick this last year.
Associated PressThe music of Peter Garrett has always been politically charged.
SYDNEY, Australia - Australian rock star-turned-lawmaker Peter Garrett was hospitalized after collapsing on a Sydney beach following a morning swim, authorities said.
The announcement came less than 24 hours after Mr Garrett received an angry letter signed by 760 artists, including Geoffrey Rush, Barry Humphries, David Williamson, Peter Carey and Paul Kelly, condemning the decision to axe ANAM's funding.
Today Peter Garrett was announced by the new Leader of the Opposition as their “spokesman for climate change and the environment.
FEDERAL Environment Minister Peter Garrett says he wont approve the Gunns pulp mill in Tasmania until studies of its potential marine impact are completed.
FEDERAL Environment Minister Peter Garrett says he cant kill off the Tasmanian pulp mill because the process just doesnt work that way.