Attorney General Robert Mcclelland of Australia

Robert McClelland is currently the Chief of the Price Index Research Division at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Governor of the State of Michigan on the Democratic ticket.
In 1836, McClelland married Sarah Elizabeth Sabine, with whom he had six children.
McClelland was educated at the University of New South Wales, where he gained bachelors degrees in arts and law, and the University of Sydney where he gained a masters degree in law.
In November 2007, Robert McClelland was appointed as the Attorney-General and currently holds that job.
In the 2007 Federal election, McClelland was re-elected to the seat of Barton with a 4.
McClelland was criticised by Greens Senator Bob Brown, who said it was displaying the ugly face of Labor conservatism.
Robert Nelson McClelland was taken on March 21, 1964, at Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, Tex.
McClelland has return to have a brief additional deposition concerning a translation of "L' Express which has been called to my attention in the intervening time which has elapsed between March 21, when I took Dr.
Rober McClelland was born in Ohio in 1789.
to Charlotte Council in White County.
Franklin Pierce FrontpageAmerican President FrontpageRobert McClelland (1853 - 1857): Secretary of the InteriorRobert McClelland was born in 1807 in Greencastle, Pennsylvania.
In 1835, McClelland was elected as a member of Michigan's constitutional convention.
Well considering the right whingers revved up the engine of the hatemobile and have kept it running for 4 years over nothing more than the title of one of my posts, I suspect I might now be dodging real bullets from one or more of these hatemongers.
As I took the position at the head of the table.
I had my finger on his left temple.
remained consistent for over thirty years.
Well, the man responsible for Labor’s policy on coastal surveillance, Shadow Attorney-General Robert McClelland is in our Sydney studio.
Mr McClelland had promised that if his Party wins the election, Labor would take a lead in lobbying against capital punishment across Asia.
The Government has been quick to pounce, saying Mr McClelland has been punished for simply articulating Labor's party policy.
And he says Robert McClelland was only outlining Labor Party policy.
ALEXANDER DOWNER: Mr Rudd's position has been the same on this issue for not weeks or months but for years, and all Mr McClelland has done is articulate Mr Rudd's position.
Robert McClelland is the Attorney-General and the Member for Barton, an electorate based in the St George area of Sydney.
Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland said the Federal Government would not apologise at this stage of the legal process, News.
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I think McClelland took quite a sensible position.
Secretary of the Interior from 1853-1857.
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freemason recorded in a monument in Kingston Cathedral.
Australian Attorney General Robert McClelland has our vote.
In a speech to be delivered to the annual security in government conference in Canberra yesterday, Mr McClelland said both the pace of technological change and emerging threats such as climate change pose formidable challenges for national security planners.
Mr McClelland said Australia needed to invest more in countering extremism in local communities as part of a broad national counter-terrorism strategy.
LET'S get right to the point: Robert McClelland did nothing wrong this week when he made some measured and balanced remarks about the Benbrika terror trial.
As federal Attorney-General, McClelland was fulfilling his responsibilities by explaining the significance of the Benbrika convictions.
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BRISBANE, Australia, Dec 24 (UPI) -- An Indian doctor wants an apology and compensation from the Australian government after he was cleared of involvement in a terrorist plot, his lawyer said.