Minister for Trade Simon Crean of Australia

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If Simon Crean is the best alternative Labor has, all the silver bullets in the world wont save them.
Simon Crean is the one man that has the skills to get Labor back on track.
Simon Crean has the same problem as Costello he comes over as, even if he aint, a smug pr_ck.
Simon Crean is the Minister for Trade of Australia.
English: Simon Crean was the leader of the Australian Labor Party, and 27th Leader of the Opposition, 2001-2003.
Crean was born in Melbourne, Victoria.
At the 1990 election, Crean was elected to the seat of Hotham in the Australian House of Representatives, and immediately entered the Hawke ministry as Minister for Science and Technology.
Since his victory Crean has singled out Senator Stephen Conroy for his part in the preselection challenge describing his front-bench colleague as "venal" and "one of the most disloyal people I've ever worked with in my life.
Following the defeat of Kim Beazley and election of Kevin Rudd as Federal Labor leader in December 2006, Crean was reappointed as Shadow Trade Minister and also retained responsibility for regional development.
In 2007 after Labor's election victory, Crean was appointed Minister for Trade in Kevin Rudd's ministry.
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I have the article of one of a Liberal spokesperson who confirmed that this report was actually done, but below, Simon Crean has publicly denied any reports being made.
Cambodia's human rights history slammed October 12, 2006 - 7:09PM Senior federal Labor MP Simon Crean has joined Cambodian community members to question the human rights record of Prime Minister Hun Sen.
Mr Crean said he canvassed the issues of human rights abuses, denial of rights to opposition parties and the principles of good governance with Mr Hun Sen.
But Mr Crean said he could not report Mr Hun Sen's response because it was a private meeting.
Cambodia's human rights history slammed October 12, 2006 - 7:09PM Senior federal Labor MP Simon Crean has joined Cambodian community members to question the.
Former Labor leader and Australias current Trade Minister Simon Crean had a bit too much cheap Chilean wine with his lunch.
Crean is using his ministerial website to attack John Howards FTA with US but ends up making himself look like a tit in the process.
Mr Crean is not opposed to war on Iraq.
Voters are clamouring for Kim Beazley to regain leadership of the federal ALP, with almost four times as many voters supporting him over Simon Crean to steer Labor to the next election.
And even more damaging for Mr Crean is that only 13 per cent of Labor voters want him to remain at the helm.
It’s ironic that Crean was dumped as Opposition Leader for being too ‘soft’, too nice a guy, yet he was the one who stared down Howard in late 2002.
I always thought Simon Crean was an honourable and honest man.
SIMON Crean has ordered Australian trade negotiators to Geneva to resurrect talks on smashing barriers to increased trade.
Trade Minister Simon Crean says efforts to stimulate the economy are being put at risk by poor progress in international trade talks.
Former treasurer and deputy prime minister Frank Crean, 92, has died in Melbourne surrounded by his family.
Frank, the father of former Labor leader Simon Crean was first elected to.
Linda Mottram presents AM on ABC Local Radio, Monday to Friday from 8am.
LINDA MOTTRAM: It's the debate Labor has to have but it's not going according to the rules set down by the Party's leader, Simon Crean.
Just weeks out from the pre-selection ballot in Hotham, the seat that Simon Crean has held for 16 years, Opposition leader Kim Beazley has refused to throw him a lifeline, insisting that the democratic process must run its course.
Early careerCrean was born in MelbourneMelbourne Melbourne is the state capital and largest city in the Australian state of Victoria, and the second-largest city in Australi.
David CreanDavid Crean David Crean is a former member of the Parliament of Tasmania.
At the 1990 election, Crean was elected to the seat of HothamDivision of Hotham SummaryThe Division of Hotham is anAustralian Electoral Division in Victoria.
In the June 2005 reshuffle, however, Crean was demoted to Shadow Minister for Regional Development.
Since his victory Crean has singled out Senator Stephen ConroyStephen Conroy Stephen Michael Conroy, has been an Australian Labor Party member of the Australian Senate since September 1997, representin.
as Federal Labor leader in December 2006, Crean was reappointed as Shadow Trade Minister and also retained responsibility for regional development.
In 2007 after Labor's election victory, Crean was appointed Minister for TradeMinister for Trade (Australia) The Australian Minister for Trade has been the Hon Simon Crean since December 2007.
In his 17 years as an MP, Crean has not spent a single day on the backbench.
Trade Minister Simon Crean said last night he believed it was still necessary and possible to get the stalled talks on a basis for agreement completed this year.
While Mr Crean is fantasizing about a world trade agreement the EU is moving to restore import duties on imported Cereals in response to sharp price declines over the last several months.
Upon the election of the Rudd Labor Government in 2007, Simon Crean was appointed Minister for Trade.
CREAN: Today I've written to the Prime Minister proposing some important changes that will improve the behaviour in Parliament.
Dec 26 (Xinhua) -- Australian Trade Minister Simon Crean said that trade relations with China has been strong and can be even stronger in the future.
Australian Minister for Trade Simon Crean met Indian Minister for Commerce and Industry Kamal Nath here for annual bilateral trade discussions.
How many times must a party lose an election before they realise their leader is a dud!If only Australians could see that Crean is actually a good and caring man with integrity.
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From 1996, Mr Crean was a shadow minister covering the areas of trade, industry development, treasury and regional development.
The unpopular Crean has to be the opposite, but he has to move quickly because his time at the top may be short-lived.
Labor hardheads appear to have already concluded that Crean is not going to lead the ALP to victory at the next election, but there is no viable alternative on the horizon.
Crean is also paying the price for Kim Beazley's procrastination during his time at the helm from 1996-2001.
Today obliterated the new givens in Australian politics.
With one decision, Simon Crean has set the political clock back to the Tampa and decided to go to war with John Howard on Australian values.
Simon Crean is transformed from grey shadow to crazy brave warrior.
John Howard set the same trap for him as he set for Beazley last year and Simon Crean said no.
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Labors Treasury spokesman Simon Crean says his colleagues should stop talking publicly and instead leave the analysis of the election loss to an internal discussion Mr Crean wont be seeking to kewww.
htmCommunity CabinetSimon Crean is the Minister for Trade and the member for Hotham (Victoria) in the Parliament of Australia.
Opposition Leader Simon Crean today announced he would stand down as leader of the Labor Party.
Mr Crean said his resignation was in the best interests of the Labor Party.
Mr Crean said Labor could still win the next election.
Mr Crean said today's events came at a time when the Australian people were suffering the consequences of the Howard government including rising interest rates, low bulk-billing rates and higher education costs.
Mr Crean said Australians were not fighting for a change in the Labor leadership but a change in government.
Mr Crean said he had reformed party rules, rejected small target politics and released alternative policies.
A teary Mr Crean said time would heal his hurt.
Mr Crean said he would back his successor to become Australia's next prime minister.
Simon Crean remains confident of winning, but he needs a crushing victory to give him respite from the destabilisation that has eroded his leadership for more than 12 months.
Crean has called it a contest between ideas and polls: his ideas and the polls Kim Beazley believes point to a Labor disaster if Crean remains at the helm, including today's Saulwick AgePoll.
While Crean has been a solo performer on the hustings this week, Beazley has left the heavy lifting in his campaign to others, such as Bob Hawke (who incurred the wrath of Gough Whitlam for meddling) and the former machine men, Wayne Swan and Stephen Smith.
Simon Crean is a tough and determined person who has been willing to stand up to the machine men.
The simple truth is that this is a ballot between two arguably legitimate viewpoints: one says that if Crean is finally given the opportunity and the full-blooded support of his colleagues, he can be competitive; the other is that the mob have made up their minds and only Beazley - big, likeable and believable - has a hope against Howard.
Simon Crean is virtually off voters' radar: some express reservations about him, but most fail to mention him.
But Crean was so struck by Swan's response that he wrote it down when Swan left and immediately related it to two advisers, Simon Banks and Stephen Spencer.
The reply arrived in Crean's office on Thursday night, around the time Crean met Beazley and decided, in his words, to "end the stupidity" by calling the 92 Labor MPs to meet on Monday and decide between them.
Simon Crean is the Trade Minister.
But Trade Minister Simon Crean says that while the USFTA is important, it is also vital to restart stalled international trade negotiations.