Minister for Foreign Affairs Stephen Smith of Australia

Smith was born in Narrogin, Western Australia, and was educated at the University of Western Australia and the University of London, where he gained a master's degree in law.
Smith was a member of the Opposition Shadow Ministry from March 1996 until the November 2007 elections, which were won by the Labor party.
During the leadership crisis in the Labor Party in 2003, Smith was a prominent supporter of his fellow Western Australian, Kim Beazley, and his name was mentioned as a possible future leader.
Smith was appointed as the Minister for Foreign Affairs in Kevin Rudd's cabinet on 3 December 2007 following Labor's win in the 2007 election.
Award-winning editor Stephen Smith takes you through 13 chapters of client pleasing graphics, while showing you how to use Final Cut Studio to its fullest.
10 years ago I wrote a book about my harrowing life story when I was addicted big time, for a long time, to drugs and drink.
Smith has produced include Fogelman Focus and The Memphis Economy.
This study discusses the barriers to the adoption of e-commerce in micro, small and medium enterprises in Australia.
with Steve Smith, Head Coach, Oak Hill Academy, 2004 National High School ChampionsCoach Smith knows how to develop and maximize player potential.
Smith has spent 26 years addressing important solutions effecting the modern environmental movement.
Smith received a doctorate in veterinarian medicine from the University of Tennessee (1992) and a Bachelor of Science in biology from Kentucky Wesleyan College (1988.
Smith was trained by Vice President Al Gore through The Climate Project to present on the topic of global warming.
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Stephen Hector Taylor-Smith was born in Shillong, Assam, India on February 4, 1891.
Stephen Smith had a life-long interest in rocketry and was encouraged by Indian officials to pursue experiments in this area.
Representative Smith was also instrumental in working to secure $17 million additional dollars for Public Housing Authorities.
Representative Smith was also commended for his work in assisting to secure $23 million dollars in the Commonwealth Sewer Rate Relief Fund by Katherine Dunphy, Chairwoman of the MWRA Advisory Board.
Although the gains for the City of Everett as a whole under Rep Smith's first term have been impressive, it is the personal assistance that Representative Smith is most proud of.
Stephen Smith is Director of Information Services for Crossway Books, a not-for-profit publisher of religious books and the ESV Bible.