Treasurer Wayne Maxwell Swan of Australia

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Swan was born and educated in Nambour, Queensland.
From 1978 to 1980 Swan was an adviser to the Leader of the Opposition Bill Hayden, and from 1983 to 1984 was an adviser to federal Labor ministers Mick Young and Kim Beazley.
After the 2004 election loss, Swan was appointed Shadow Treasurer.
Following the 2007 federal election of the Rudd government, Swan was appointed Treasurer of Australia in Kevin Rudd's cabinet on 3 December 2007.
Swan is married to his second wife Kim and has three children.
At age 48, Swan was diagnosed with prostate cancer but has since fully recovered.
Swan remained as head coach until 1986 and was athletic director from 1969-82.
Swan was born in Philadelphia and served two years in the Marine Corps.
Wayne Swan takes office as Treasurer at a defining moment for the Australian and world economies.
But its fair to say that Swan has grown in the role under Kevin Rudds leadership and has worked hard to develop good relationships with business over the past two years.
When Wayne Swan has his first meeting as Treasurer with Treasury secretary Ken Henry, the department head should, and probably will, tell him that domestically the risks to Treasurys growth forecast for 2008 of 3.
crease - sometimes unwatchably so.
Swan is suffering from Treasurers' Syndrome.
speech celebrating Young's memory.
surgery in 2001, Wayne Swan is cancer-free.
children about his war experiences.
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Treasurer Wayne Swan says he hopes a new prostate cancer research centre in Brisbane will develop ways to better detect and treat the disease.
Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan is encouraging people to ``spend responsibly'' in the remaining hours before shops close ahead of Christmas day.