Minister for Interior Maria Fekter of Austria

Maria Theresia Fekter is an Austrian politician (ÖVP) and since July 1, 2008 Austrian Interior Minister.
To enhance co-operation among Central and Southeast European countries is the essential precondition in facing new security risks, Austrian Interior Minister Maria Fekter said on a press conference after the Forum Salzburg held in Vienna on Thursday.
Fekter praised also the so far effective police cooperation carried out by all countries.
and supporting people in difficulty.
cn 2008-08-14 23:08:29 Print VIENNA, Aug 14 (Xinhua) -- Austrian Interior Minister Maria Fekter said Thursday in a press release that.
This was due to better police cooperation with neighbouring countries, Interior Minister Maria Fekter said in a statement.
Fekter was criticized by immigration supporters about her new idea to abjudicate the asylum status, if asylum seekers break the Austrian law.
Maria Fekter has a wealth of experience, expertise and the right personality.
Maria Fekter is familiar with government work from her term as a State Secretary at the Ministry for Economic Affairs.
Interior Minister Maria Fekter said the far-right Freedom Party had won 18.
Austrian Interior Minister Maria Fekter said in a joint news conference with her Slovak counterpart Robert Kalinak on the border at Jarovce-Kitsee that 300 illegal migrants were caught in Austria in the first half of the year, down from 7,000 in the same period last year.
VIENNA) - Central and eastern European countries will moot their model of police cooperation as well as mixed patrols to EU member states, Austrian Interior Minister Maria Fekter said on Saturday.
The Salzburg Forum countries decided to propose their model of central European police cooperation to the EU, when European Union interior ministers next meet, Fekter said in a statement.
VIENNA, Austria: Austrian public defender and ombudswoman Maria Fekter has been named the countrys new interior minister in charge of police andsecurity.
Interior Minister Maria Fekter said the center-left Social Democrats won 29.
Maria Fekter is sworn in to replace him as federal interior minister (after Wilhelm Molterer held the post for one day.
Austrian Justice Minister Maria Fekter said Thursday that the expulsions might constitute coercion or unlawful restriction and could be investigated by the judiciary.
The latest expulsion of asylum seekers from Carinthia to Lower Austria on Wednesday evening was a dishonourable spectacle, Fekter said in Brussels.
Maria Fekter says the Social Democrats have secured 29.
Fekter says absentee ballots and those turned in at polling stations outside the voter's home district have yet to be included in the results.
Even if this response is very satisfying, Ombudswoman Maria Fekter had to observe on 9 June 2008 that in Vienna one can still find many flights of steps that are not adequately marked and strongly suggested that the municipality of Vienna should put pavement markings on them as soon as possible for the safety of the visually impaired.