Minister for Economics and Labor Reinhold Mitterlehner of Austria

VP Economy Minister Reinhold Mitterlehner has said no one in Austria needs to freeze to death as a result of the cessation of delivery of Russian natural-gas to the country.
Mitterlehner was previously secretary general of Austria's chamber of commerce.
solution to their gas dispute, Reinhold Mitterlehner said at a press conference.
industries reducing gas usage at peak times.
Economic Minister Reinhold Mitterlehner said there were enough stocks to supply heating gas to private homes for at last three months.
EU efforts to mediate between Ukraine and Russia have to start first, Mitterlehner said following an emergency meeting of a special energy steering committee.
Minister Mitterlehner said that the 30-strong energy steering committee -- made up of experts from the economy, infrastructure, finance, agricultural and foreign ministries, as well as representatives from the regulatory authorities, and the oil and gas industries -- had agreed a package of measures.
Economy Minister Reinhold Mitterlehner said gas-fired power stations could switch to using oil and coal if needed and the government had discussed the possibility of major industries reducing gas usage at peak times.